On The 100th Anniversary -Casement Remians the Scourge of an Empire

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Tourists visiting a beauty hotspot on the North Antrim Coast were left terrified after they ran into a bungled policing operation at Murlough Bay on Sunday. Up to 25 marked and unmarked PSNI vehicles plus countless heavily armed tactical support officers descended on the coastline in a failed attempt to prevent an annual Roger Casement commemoration from […]


The strategic LEAVE voting to smash the Union is already paying out handsomely. Scotland will lead the way. Spain has its political boots on the stolen rock in the south of the continent. As always – England’s difficulty remains Ireland’s opportunity.
When I voted Leave I was not following the ideology of the despicable Farage but the revolutionary Connolly. I was rejecting a Europe that left Aylan Kurdi on its barbed wire shores rather than provide the child with shelter from European bombs.1441232698560
The neo-liberal capitalism that has seen a union of nations reduced to the rape of social welfare in the pursuit of greater profits for elites. I was rejecting attacks on the working poor, the most vulnerable, austerity programmes. I was saying no more to banks and financial institutions being more powerful than sovereign nations.
There are 100 more horrible consequences to European neo-liberalism I was comprehensively rejecting. But most of all I wanted to give two fingers to Jean Claude Junker’s Troika of European Commission, International Monetary Fund and European Central Bank, who formed a group of international lenders that asset stripped European socialism via austerity measures when they provided ‘weighted’ bailouts, for indebted European states, among them, Ireland and Greece.

The Irish people have been humiliated by the European troika. In the 26 counties 4.5m people have been asked to repay £64b of Banking debt. Not the Irish people’s debt – but banks. Water charges, hospital closures, food banks and evictions are par for the course.


This is the shocking video footage from an attempted eviction in Corofin, Co Clare. European Banks, which were supported by the Irish taxpayer to the tune of $7 billion to date, continue to throw those unable to pay out of their own homes, in this case it was a 55-year-old bachelor farmer with nowhere else to live.

The North has an opportunity to ignore the psychobabble of its first minister and press for negations with both Dublin, sympathetic ears in London and a reformed Brussels given the North’s mandate at this week’s polls. Any pressing for a six county border poll should be ignored as it is only populist, has both Tory protection in the form of Theresa Villiers and a built-in sectarian majority that will ensure its defeat. The requests for a border poll are simply a fig-leaf to cover political inadequacies.
It is now time to think big. Take the opportunities England’s own goal has provided and strike hard for a new Ireland in a significantly reformed Europe. The debates and their consequences must be handled with sensitivity.

Oliver’s Porkies!! SF MLA’s abrupt and complete reversal of attitude, opinion and position on Cushendun Bomb claim.


Click on link above to listen to Q Radio interview. All links in green can be clicked to contributing pieces.


I was asked to do an interview for the Q Radio network yesterday to explain to listeners that no violence emanating from Republicans was evident in North Antrim. I was unaware of a contributing piece from Oliver McMullan who Under the headline, ‘Bomb Found in Coast Road’ (Ballycastle Chronicle Front page Thur 19th May) claimed:
“For anyone to leave an EXPLOSIVE DEVICE on one of the main roads in and out of the town is sheer recklessness and shows absolute disregard for the residents of this town and passers-by.”

Sensational stuff. I would have assumed that most people took an ‘EXPLOSIVE DEVICE’ to mean a bomb. Oliver repeats his sensationalist claims for the BBC under the headline

Bomb made safe after being found on Glendun Road

for Downtown Radio under the headline –
for Irish News under the headline –

Explosive device discovered in Cushendun ‘viable’, police say

even the Peterborough Telegraph reprinted Oliver’s deceit –

Bomb found in seaside village a viable device, say police

Despite the flummoxed attempts by Oliver to reel in the wilful and irresponsible deceit in his radio interview yesterday the explosive claims are still on his party website –

Mc Mullan slams those behind EXPLOSIVE DEVICE

But MLA Oliver re-evaluates his claims in the Q radio interview:
“Nobody said their was a bomb. There was a bomb component part was ah apparently found.”


The MLA’s abrupt and complete reversal of attitude, opinion and position is to be welcomed after being challenged. The question now must be posed, What is Sinn Fein & the sdlp hoping to gain from defacing the reputation of the people of the Glens? Why have reports all over Ireland and further afield claim there is bombs in the Glens of Antrim.No bomb or explosive device existed in the Glens last weekend.

The responsibility for peddling of these ‘whoppers’ rests first and foremost with the PSNI and the security agents of the British State. Given the back catalogue of collusion, use of agent provocateurs , misuse of the justice system, denial of inquiries, internment, shoot to kill and countless other punitive measures – it is not difficult to evidence the point that actions like those in Cushendun have more in common with British state operations than any threat from proud Republicans in the Glens.

P.S. No evidence backed up the MLA’s radio interview claims nor did the personal claims made against myself. As an aside, I was elected to serve the Glens Ward of Moyle in 2007. In 2011 I was elected to the Ballycastle Ward of Moyle and in 2014 I was elected to serve the combined wards of Ballycastle, The Glens and Loughgiel.



PSNI suspect device! 20,000 P45’S discovered in Stormont

No support exists in Ballycastle or the Glens of Antrim for violence. No bomb was discovered in Cushendun despite widespread media coverage to the contrary. SF the sdlp and the psni need to get off the community’s back in Ballycastle and the Glens.

The local community are demanding answers –
  • Why won’t police say what was discovered?
  • Why all the ‘cloak & dagger’?
  • Why is local constitutional nationalists attempting to frighten and criminalise the community in the Glens of Antrim?
  • Why are politicans reporting a bomb find in Cushendun yet no evidence of a bomb ever existed?
DESPERATE SF/SDLP using ‘dissident bogeyman’ to remove attention from their commitments to Tory Welfare

What sf & the sdlp failed to learn from last year’s incident in Ballycastle was no bomb existed there either.  In March of 2015, A vulnerable gentleman within the community told police he was going to leave a device at the police station in Ballycastle. A hoax operation, manipulated for widespread media coverage all over Ireland, reported ‘a viable explosive device’ in Ballycastle. Two army bomb disposal teams and a controlled explosion helped add to the theatrics.


PSNI suspect device! 20,000 P45’S discovered in Stormont

Every politician within Nationalism locally attempted to paint the picture that we had ‘evil dissident bogeymen’ within our midst in the Glens. After investigating, the PSNI Press Office relented and admitted the bomb was a half bottle of petrol lying in the middle of a concrete yard. What purpose did the reporting serve? More importantly, what damage was inflicted on the reputation of the people of Ballycastle and the Glens? Last weekend’s ‘discovery in Cushendun was likewise.

What is not beyond doubt-  These two parties need to remove attention from their commitments to 20,000 job cuts, their implementation of Tory Welfare reforms, their attacks on the poor and vulnerable, and their continued commitment to sectarian based politics.

The combination of MI5/PSNI attempts at manipulation of our media coupled to ‘willing lemmings’ in sf/sdlp ensures the truth is the first casualty. Tory controlled constitutional nationalism must abstain from making cheap political capital on the backs of the local community in the Glens of Antrim.


PSNI suspect device! 20,000 P45’S discovered in Stormont

No violent Republicanism exists in the Glens of Antrim but rising opposition to the Executive’s pro Tory austerity agenda is beginning to evidence itself. The incidents attempting to highlight the former seem like an attempt to obscure the later. -Cllr Padraig McShane

Carrickmore Road Cannot Be Abandoned


Glens Independent Councillor Padraig McShane says he believes Transport NI will make the correct decision in relation to attempts to have an abandonment order placed on a stretch of the Carrickmore Road.

Speaking this week before a meeting between Transport NI, objectors and the applicant for the abandonment order, Councillor McShane said;

“No reasonable grounds exist for the public body to walk away from this important stretch of highway.

“It serves a very important purpose and has done for many decades, indeed a few centuries. Give the archeological, historical and geological significance of the area it shall continue to do so for many more to come.

“Its importance to the local community alongside visitors to the area as a quiet and picturesque retreat and its ease of access for vehicular traffic for those with disabilities to enjoy the location, are also important considerations when making a decision on any notions of abandonment of a public road.

“While not wishing to preempt any outcomes, common sense would indicate a public body will not forgo the public interest on this application”.

Why Dungiven Matters to Ballycastle & The Glens

If the new facilities were developed in Dungiven, it would reduce revenue (annual year on year) costs by £70,000 for the new Causeway Coast and Glens Council. That is £70,000 saved each year, largely due to energy efficiencies found in new construction methods. To put it in context. That is £70,000 per year over the lifetime of the centre, taken at an average 40 years. That equates to £2.8million saving for the rate payer in the district – less the £350,000 initial capital investment. I can not stress this enough.
What is holding back Dungiven is equally holding back development in Cushendall, the Glens, Ballycastle and Loughgiel. Each an area of historical inequality and underinvestment. 
The reality for the new government authority is plain. If they wish to invest to enhance community and sporting facilities, they are obliged to do so in Nationalist and Republican areas where that historic inequality will require a generation of investment to balance out with those Councils who delivered for one section of the community. The stats are backed up by countless workshops and research done within and outwith the Council.
For the Glens Ward (Rathlin Ballycastle Loughgiel Waterfoot Cushendun Cushendall) inequalities to be addressed, it is vitally important that a common sense and business like approach is taken to Dungiven to release additional capital for the future. Other more unpalatable avenues are open to us as Councillors to raise funds should sectarianism continue to be the final arbitrator.
I was pleased to be asked to speak at the debate on Dungiven sports facilities last night in the County Derry town.
At the public meeting, those Unionists opposed to investing in Dungiven give no logically compelling, deeply informed or rational reason for blocking a perfectly sensible business case. That speaks for itself.

Sickening Refugee Graffiti – Coleraine

McAuley Multimedia 20th September 2015...Graffiti on the wall at the Salvation community church on Ballycastle road in Coleraine .It appeared at the weakend saying 'No refugees welcome' a clear message for refugees that may be located in Coleraine.PICTURE STEVEN MCAULEY/MCAULEY MULITMEDIA

20th September 2015…Graffiti on the wall at the Salvation community church on Ballycastle road in Coleraine .It appeared at the weakend saying ‘No refugees welcome’ a clear message for refugees that may be located in Coleraine.PICTURE STEVEN MCAULEY/MCAULEY MULITMEDIA

On the same morning another lorry load of aid leaves Ballycastle and the Glens for Calais, Greece and beyond to support fellow human beings in plight, those who would join in the fight for humanity had to endure a racist attack on their church premises in Coleraine

Refugees making their way across Europe from Syria, escaping the West’s brutal intervention in the internal affairs of another Nation State, are the upwardly mobile, third level educated, young, articulate, intelligent and like anyone in a similar situation, are desperate to survive.

On the other hand, those who placed graffiti on the walls of the Salvation Army centre on the Ballycastle Road, Coleraine, are a lot further down the evolutionary tree. They have a supremacist ideology carved from generations of anti-catholic sectarianism. It is no surprise to see a mural to UDA TEENAGER William Campbell shadowing the latest Racist graffiti along the banks of the Bann. 19 year old Campbell blew himself up while in the process of attempting to kill catholics in the Coleraine area.

The UDA, who sponsored the placing of the disgusting graffiti on the Church property, enjoyed links to like minded far right groups including COMBAT 18, the National Front and more recently, Britain First. 

Coleraine has had a chapter of the National Front since the 70’s. It has been allowed to grow and flourish among the poorly educated, loyalist communities that senior Unionist politicians court for votes. It is that link that allows much of the hate to be airbrushed and is the chief reason why the Loyalist tail can be seen wagging the Unionist dog.

Stormont Collapse of Less Concern to people in Glens than 11 Sectarian Bantustans


The local media’s manufactured horror that accompanies the imminent collapse of Stormont assumes that is strong and forward thinking with inbuilt protections for minorities. Stormont is based on a sectarian head count and has never been found wanting when it comes to ineptitude. Paralysis in anything remotely close to progression and lack of accountability are the corner stones. Some examples for the former include Irish language act, academic selection, anti-poverty strategy while the latter can be summed up in Red Sky, members office expenses, hate speech against minorities and £1 land deals. Both are neither exclusive or exhaustive lists……. If Stormont collapses 11 Batustans will not replace the titular powers doled out by Stormont. The squabble camps have different strands yet comparable powers to Stormont. (Extremely little) The Tories will implement their will without the need to do so indirectly though its political creche in Belfast.

In the Causeway Coast & Glens the local conclave has already implemented several far reaching and important policies. Several members now want to be addressed as Aldermen! Goes with the Borough Status they bestowed upon themselves. Essentially what that means, you tip your hat a little lower to these enlightened individuals. Equality is now guaranteed with everyone now allowed to have a Union Flag flown from any lamp post they piss upon. And of course, the British Army are to be held in honor most high with special programs being implemented to ensure no ridicule is bestowed upon them and they receive favorable treatment from any publicly funded body in the new Borough.

Finally in CC&Gs attempts are being made to hang political representatives for the wearing of the green. Whoopeeeeeeeee

Who Creates Refugees?

bassadwest10years The common denominator in the refugee crisis. America has economic or military interests in each country producing massive numbers of displaced populations. Psychotic Britain has been steadfastly at its side with similar private multi-national business interests. The first plane into Benghazi Libya following the city’s liberation (not my choice of word) was a military craft loaded not with humanitarian supplies but Executives of BP AMMACO and Royal Dutch Shell to secure four percent of the worlds crude oil owned by Libya. The BBC and media throughout informed it was a NATO humanitarian intervention. How’s that working out?

Meanwhile George Osbourne just used the death of a Syrian child on a beech in Turkey to his advantage quickly launching into producing the sound bites for more war. He wants to kill them before they leave Syria so as not to upset people in Europe.

Enda and Selective Vision


Enda Takes The Proverbial Yet has the vision of Stevie Wonder when it come to the UDA in North Antrim

No one will be surprised when I say I’m not falling over myself about ‘devo minimum’ Stormont. Nor will they be surprised at my lack of enthusiasm for Europe’s Leinster House. But Enda Kenny is a joke comparable with the vast majority of the islands media when he plays politics on the back of one man’s death yet remained invisible while the UDA murdered, bombed intimidated and beat individuals in North Antrim and East Derry. The defence will be Sinn Fein are in government therefore it’s different. But while Sf are in Stormont it is the British government who own and run Stormont. Another uncomfortable fact, they have owned, run and maintain the UDA. Not a word Enda.