Ruairi Og’s Clubrooms Attacked

An Independent Councillor in Moyle has claimed that sectarian graffiti dubbed on the walls of a local GAA Club was an attack on the entire community.

Councillor Padraig Mc Shane was speaking after it had been revealed that the Ruairi Og Club in Cushendall had been attacked at the weekend.

The Councillor who continues at every opportunity  to champion the GAA in Moyle Council said,

“Cushendall is a model village that simply does not do sectarianism. It has no history of it and it is no surprise that the local community removed every trace within hours of its discovery.

“The local Club is at the heart of the village and plays no small part in the enhancement of cross-community relations. This reason alone would have singled it out for targeting in the eyes of the moronic individuals who carried out the attack.

Councillor Mc Shane added,

“The site of the K.A.T. acronym for Kill All Taigs and UDA graffiti on the Ruairi Og’s clubrooms is a nauseating site to GAA fans everywhere. The GAA prides itself in its policy of not excluding members or participants on the grounds of gender, race, class, sexuality, disability or religion. Attacks like this won’t change that fact.


Loyalist Bands from Outside Moyle Granted Local Ratepayers Money

[slideshow] Armoy/Sandy Row/Bratty/UDA

Dunaghy is a crossroads on the outskirts of Ballymoney. Not much happens at the crossroads yet Dunaghy meanders into the local headlines from time to time.

The source of the news, a Loyalist Flute Band! Dunaghy have been going for over one hundred years yet have embraced a UDA bomber, who blew himself up in 2002 at a house in Coleraine, as their mascot. William Campbell, it is claimed, was killed on active service on the 3rd January 2002. 2nd Batt-C Company Coleraine. Least we forget and all that nonsense!

The truth, Campbell died at his own hand while using pipe-bombs. Over 100 had been used to attack Catholic homes and properties in the Coleraine area in the months prior to Campbell resigning his breath.

Pride of the Park, a flute Band in Armoy, hosts a parade in the village annually. Loyalists from all over the North gather in the village. Pride of place is reserved for regular attendees from the Ulster First Flute Band, Sandy Row.

Sandy Row, resplendent in UDA regalia, acknowledges the input of their local hero Joe Bratty to wage a war on taigs via a dedicated bannerette.

Bratty ordered the attack on the lower Ormeau branch of Sean Graham’s bookmakers on 5 February 1992, an act resulting in the death of five men. Bratty, who was known for his hatred of black people, also appended the initials of the Ku Klux Klan to his graffiti.

I could go on to talk about the Causeway Protestant Boys or those bashful lads from Silver Plains who wrecked havoc on the town of Ballycastle but I would be losing the reader.

Moyle District Council, in their wisdom, decided to award these and several other bands (ten in all) for their input to the local community.

A Loyalist Bands Forum applied for funding for a seeding grant. The forum is made up of 5 bands residing in Moyle plus another 5 from Ballymoney! No matter how uncomfortable we feel, under legislation, groups must be allowed to gain access to public funds in an equal an honest process. Until Monday night, Moyle did exactly that.

Three years previous, an under age hurling tournament was denied access to funds because one of the teams resided outside Moyle. The decision was correct. A criterion informs that we invest our funds in Moyle.  Those criteria have neither been reviewed nor altered. The decision therefore to fund a group with 50 percent of its makeup residing outside Moyle should never have been approved.

I was on my own when I protested the anomaly with no colleague providing a rational for their decision to support the funding application.

So what of the crossroads? In an eerily fatalistic note, I doubt the grant will see the deficiencies of the local heroes diminish. The target of their wrath will always be their near neighbours in both Dunloy and Rasharkin. May the residents forgive us for promoting this nonsense!

Ballintoy Muga Upgrade

Moyle Council have agreed to take the lead in an application to the North East Partnership Village Renewal programme to upgrade recreation facilities in the village of Ballintoy.

The application, if approved, will see the first Muga, or multi games area in the village alongside a new upgraded play park.

The village has long been without proper facilities due to the lack of available ground. Council intend to maximise their lands at the play park to finally support parents and kids in the village.

It is hoped that the new Multi Games Area will be the first of several to be made available all over Moyle. The opportunity to enhance and improve the physical condition of children through these developments have a proven track record that alone makes them value for money.

Muga for Ballintoy

Moyle. Advocates War over Peace

Canon Fodder

“Moyle District Council this week advocated for War over Peace, Ignorance over Education and the continued promotion of the interests of the bourgeoisie over the proletariat”.

Too much? Let me develop my argument.

On Monday the 13th of August, The Northern Ireland Veterans Advisory & Pensions Committee made a presentation to the Council. Following the presentation they asked that Moyle appoint an ‘Armed Forces Community Advocate’.

So what does the role of the righteous Advocate entail? Well according to their presentation handout which I quote verbatim;

1.      Ensure that the interests of the Armed Forces & the Veterans in N.I. are properly considered.

2.      Consider the impact on the Armed Forces & Veterans Community in their area of responsibility of their organisations decisions and policies.

3.      Advocate on behalf of the Armed Forces and Veterans Community in their area of responsibility.

4.      Raise the profile of the Armed Forces & Veterans Community in their area of responsibility.

5.      Liaise with N.I. in-service and Ex-service representatives, third sector and public sector to identify issues that need to be addressed and resolved or areas of good practise that could be replicated either locally or nationally.

6.      Be a member of the N.I. Armed Forces & veterans’ community welfare pathway steering group.

It is notable that, even in their own words, the Serving Armed Forces take precedence over the Veterans.  Councillors from the TUV DUP & UUP brought fourth their glowing praise on the move. The Chairman moved to have the proposal adopted. I interjected by raising my hand.

“Chairman! Rather than promote an ‘advocate for war’, could Moyle now show itself to be more enlightened and have an advocate for peace?

“We have to look at what is being asked of this Council. We are being asked to endorse the armed forces of a foreign state that are overseas under false pretences, engaged in illegal wars, empire building and committing the systematic mass murders of over 1.5 million souls in Iraq and countless others in Afghanistan.

“Forgive me if I find it hard to believe that sending you’re poor to murder the poor living in another part of the planet is the pretext for the introduction of Peace, Democracy and Freedom. These words themselves have been hijacked and abused to the point that they can often derive evil connotations in an open mind.

“The Nazis propagated the falsehood of racial superiority and today’s similarly evil falsehood, the promotion of the lie informing that – Mass murder would herald the introduction of Freedom and Democracy in the Middle East.

“Chairman, it is your poor, your downtrodden and uneducated drawn from the underclass of society that are sent to war. Wrap them in a flag and give them a gun. Give meaning to their lives! Suggest they are heroes and deny access to educational material. They may quickly learn that the wars they engage are on behalf of Halliburton, Exxon Mobile, B.P. Shell, Wall Street, the financial district of Canary Wharf, and the Military Industrial Complex. Wars and murder have no relationship to the promotion of Freedom and Democracy whatsoever.

“I propose that this Council ignore the calls to normalise war and instead promote a champion for peace with a focus on education”.

Council deferred the decision for one week.

If this was a simple advocate for Veterans, why not use existing charities? Numerous groups exist.

·         ABE – The soldiers charity

·         The Royal Naval Benevolent Fund

·         British Legion

·         Royal Air Force Families Federation

·         Help for Heroes

·         Combat Stress

·         Service Personal and Veterans Agency plus many others……..

But it was not the reason. At all times the reason is to give credence to the notion that War is ok among the general population. Look again at the roles of the Armed Forces Champion.

·         Ensure the interests of the Armed Forces

·         Consider the impact on the Armed Forces in your organisations decisions and policies

·         Advocate on behalf of the Armed Forces

·         Raise the profile of the Armed Forces

The subject returned to Council on the 20th of August with a motion;

To propose council appoint an armed forces community advocate to represent The Northern Ireland Veterans Advisory & Pensions Committee to carry out the role as laid out by NIVA & PC at their presentation to council 13 August

(Requested by Councillor S McKillop TUV)

The motion was slightly amended and carried with – an advocate for War on behalf of the people of Moyle being adopted by Council

Council’s landslide endorsement of the TUV motion was interesting given that many who supported Jim Allister’s thoughts on the subject would place themselves in the role of peacemakers.

I have this notion their claims would ring ‘somewhat hollow’ should they ever meet the victims of Imperial forces in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Ireland, Palestine etc…………………

Canon Fodder.

Kintyre-Fairhead Swim

I received this email from Gerard. While wanting to say the swimmer is taking on a massive challenge, so to do the Community Rescue Service. If your about the sea front area tomorrow, (Sunday) call in a say hello to the guys. A fantastic bunch.


ON Sunday 26th July 2012 a 43 year old South African – hoping to make waves by becoming the first person ever to successfully swim between the Mull of Kintyre and the north Antrim coastline with proceeds going to The Community Rescue Service! Please donate here today and pledge support to this magnificent effort.


For further details contact: Gerard McIlroy, Unit Commander 07709353735


Kind regards

Gerard McIlroy UC Ballycastle CRS

Arsonists Condemed

Fire Crews were tasked to a malicious fire on cliffs behind the Ferry Terminal in Ballycastle at the weekend. The fire was started at the bottom of the cliffs and due to the dry conditions raged up engulfing much of the cliff face shrubbery.

Local Independent Councillor Padraig Mc Shane condemed the vandalism saying,

Fire rages on cliff above the Goats Path

“Arsonists have caused significant damage to the natural wildlife habitat in the location. No thought was given to residents who live along the top of the cliffs at Kenmara Park and Lir Court. Thanks only to the quick response of the Fire Service, this incident could have been much worse.”

Pathetic Actions

Vandals have scattered the contents of Blue Council recycling bins along Cedar Avenue, Alanvale and Rathlin Road in Ballycastle last week. Residents woke up to the sight of the contents of numerous bins blowing up and down the streets.
Councillor Padraig Mc Shane described the actions as ‘pathetic’ saying,
“I had several phone calls from angry residents following the vandalsim.
“The area of Ballycastle is a muture location with many elderly residents within the vacinity. They had the onerous task of cleaning up after vandals who had no regard for the outcomes of their actions.

“I would like to pay tribute to the friends who assisted their neighbours clean up the mess.”

Cars Burned Out-Deffrick

Two cars have been completely gutted in an arson attack in Deffrick just outside the village of Mosside in Moyle, County Antrim . The attack took place just before midnight on Monday evening. Unconfirmed reports suggest an attempt was also made to set fire to the house in the tiny hamlet of Castle Park on the Moyarget Road .
Following a visit to the scene, local Moyle Independent Councillor Padraig Mc Shane moved immediately to condemn the arson attack.
“I received a call from a local resident early on Tuesday morning and was asked to attend the scene. The attack has struck fear into the local community here in Deffrick, a quiet neighbourhood.
“It is simply too early to speculate on a motive for the attack but the community here are sufficiently worried that it may not be the last.
Describing the attack as ‘Direct and Brutal’ the Councillor went on to say;
“There is no place in this society for cowards who engage in these actions. We all recall with horror how similar attacks have ended with devastating consequences in the past”.
Two fire engines from Ballymoney were tasked to the incident following an emergency call just after midnight on Tuesday morning.

Armoy Girl In Canoe Slalom Olympic Finals

Local girl Hannah Craig has qualified for the semi-finals of the K1 Kayak Canoe Slalom event at the 2012 Olympics. The Armoy competitor had a challenging first run on the Lee Valley White Water Course but a more polished performance in the second run secured her place in the semi-finals.
Hannah grew up in a sheep farm in Armoy but a move by the family to France sparked her interest in the sport. Representing Ireland and a member of the Shaw’s Bridge Club in Belfast , she is the country’s sole competitor in the canoe slalom event.
Local Independent Councillor Padraig Mc Shane congratulated the Glens girl and said;
“After qualifying at the European Championships Hannah Craig stated she didn’t just want to be there but she wanted to go and perform in London . She has done just that, improving immensely and deservedly qualified for the semi-finals.
“While Canoe Slalom is a sport most of us are unfamiliar with in Moyle everyone is now talking excitedly about the girl from Armoy. She really has put Ireland and the sport on the map and we will all be glued to our TV’s on Thursday afternoon to cheer on our local hero.”