Glens People Respond to Arson Attacks

Seamus Mc Closkey Private Contractor @ Sleiveanorra Forest

Seamus Mc Closkey Private Contractor @ Sleiveanorra Forest

A Councillor has welcomed the input and support of the local community in the Glens after a ‘Forwarder Machine’ used to extract logs had been burnt out at Sleiveanorra Forest. The vehicle belonged to a private contractor and was attacked by arsonists almost two weeks ago. If followed numerous incidents of theft of diesel from a number of plant machines in the area.
Independent Councillor Padraig Mc Shane said;
“A number of individuals came forward to offer assistance in the Glens area following the arson attack. Between them and the contractor a Rota has been drawn up that will witness round the clock security for the vehicles at Sleiveanorra Forest.”
Last week the Councillor stated;
“To replace this machine ‘second hand’ could cost as much as £150,000 and it is a pathetic action in an attempt to steal a few litres of fuel. Not only is it a direct attack on an outdoor resource in Moyle but it is a very personal attack on a private individual attempting to earn a living”.

Alex Attwood pulls out of another National Parks Meeting in Ballycastle!



Environment Minister Alex Attwood has cancelled a Special meeting with Moyle District Council to address concerns about a National Park in the Glens. The Minister drew a negative response when he failed to show up for a previous engagement in November to address the imposing of National Park status for the Causeway Coast & Glens area. On the night 700 people gathered to hear speakers from Wales warn of the dangers of allowing National Park status to be conferred on the District. Mr. Attwood was represented by an empty chair and a nameplate bearing his title.

Independent Councillor Padraig Mc Shane said he was unsurprised by the latest withdrawal indicating the Minister had nothing to back up his previous claims on National Parks;

“No qualitative or quantitative evidence has been presented at any stage to justify why the people of the Glens should wish to reside in a National Park. The opposite is true with empirical evidence supplied indicating only carnage for the locality.”

The Councillor went on to add;

“It is this reason that prevented the Minister from coming to Ballycastle to defend his proposals. The Minister should be allowed to evidence his case but he is well aware he is running on empty.”

The SDLP man also failed to show at a public meeting in Newcastle when over 900 people packed into the Sleive Donard Hotel only to learn that the Minister was a late withdrawal.

The Mournes is no longer being considered for National Park status by the Environment Minister. The Antrim Glens, Causeway coast and Fermanagh Lakelands have been identified as potential sites.


Casement Redevelopment-Exciting times for Antrim GAA


The new stadium, which will be built on the existing Casement site, will have a new playing surface and modern facilities including corporate resources, player facilities and warm up area, a crowd control centre and a press centre.

The new park will aim to attract significant events worth up to £15m to the local economy and sustain 1,500 jobs in the construction sector when it is redeveloped.

It is hoped the stadium will be finished in time for the 2016 GAA Ulster Final, which will move from Clones in Co Monaghan.SPT_20130208_UNC_080_26436339_I1

The contractors who will build the new Casement Park in Andersonstown will be obliged to give work to the long-term unemployed.

Ulster GAA has made the precondition that any building firm bidding to oversee the biggest single capital project ever undertaken in this part of the city must employ those who have been out of work as part of a so-called ‘social clause.’

It us expected 1,500 jobs will be created by the construction of the £76.4 million stadium, which will be the second most prestigious GAA stadium in Ireland, behind only the Association’s headquarters at Croke Park.

Ulster GAA has also required any prospective building firm to offer apprenticeships to young local trainee tradesmen.


Diesel Thieves Cause £150,000 Damage At Glendun

£150,000 Forwarder Machine destroyed by Diesel Thieves

£150,000 Forwarder Machine destroyed by Diesel Thieves

A ‘Forwarder Machine’used to extract logs has been burnt out at Sleiveanorra Forest on the Glendun Road, Cushendun, Co Antrim. The vehicle belonged to a private contractor and was burnt out between Thursday night and Friday morning. Cushendall Fire Service was tasked to the scene after the alarm was raised early on Friday.

Moyle Independent Councillor Padraig Mc Shane condemned what he described as ‘A spate of recent attacks on contractors working for the forestry department’.
“Several pieces of plant at the site have been vandalised and diesel fuel running into thousands of litres has been stolen from vehicles working throughout forest parks in Moyle recently.
“To replace this machine ‘second hand’ could cost as much as £150,000 and it is a pathetic action in an attempt to steal a few litres of fuel. Not only is it a direct attack on an outdoor resource in Moyle but it is a very personal attack on a private individual attempting to earn a living”.



The Councillor said the location provided a spectacular backdrop to views reaching as far as the Scottish coast and the Mourne Mountains in County Down but that it was isolated and allowed thieves to work with little chance of being detected. “The people of the Glens would be disgusted with this act of vandalism that was unreflective of the area”.
Councillor Mc Shane finished by commending the work of the local Fire Service and said;
 “Given the location in the middle of a forest, it’s not hard to envisage, this incident could have been a lot worse but for the actions of those who raised the alarm and the response from the NIFRS.”

Community Groups. The opportunity to have your say on RPA!



Causeway Coast and Glens Community Support Framework Community Engagement Workshops

In 2015 the four Councils of Coleraine, Limavady, Moyle and Ballymoney will come together to form a new Causeway Coast and Glens Local Authority.

All councils have a responsibility for community services/support which includes capacity building, networking, resourcing the sector and information provision. Currently each council has different service provisions however, all have the same core aspects to their work. Each Council wants to involve community and voluntary groups and other interested individuals in the preparation of the new Framework which will help shape how the new Council will support communities and community groups in the future.You are invited to attend any of the following workshops:

Thursday 28 February 2013

2.30 – 4.00pm Limavady Borough Council, 7 Connell Street

6.00 – 7.30pm Coleraine Town Hall, The Diamond, Coleraine

Wednesday 6 March 2013

1.30 – 3.00pm Joey Dunlop Centre, 33 Garryduff Road, Ballymoney

6.30 – 8.00pm Sheskburn House, 7 May Street, Ballycastle

To book a place at any of the workshops please contact Community Places on 028 9023 9444 or email Please include your name / group’s name and details of any access or support needs.

You can also give your views and ideas by completing our on line survey at

Lammas Fair Horse Meat and IRA

untitled‘850 Horses were imported from France and sold at the Auld Lammas Fair. Later they were transported to Armagh. A makeshift slaughter house was discovered by Customs/Police. By that stage, the meat had all gone’

The extraordinary claims are from the king of the Jackanory, Willie Frazer.

Following the horse meat contamination in burgers scandal, Frazer gave an interview to a paper in Dublin claiming horse meat had actually been introduced to the food chain by the IRA five years before the scandal broke. He also claimed that republicans were behind

“old fat cows that are 30 months old being sold for food before adding that a blind eye has been turned to it and that this is the kind of thing that’s going on that we’re sick of”.

However Frazer has yet to produce any evidence backing this claim, nor was any reported at the aforementioned time.

But its not the first time Willie has attempted to break the next big story.

In May 2012, In St. Patricks school Donaghmore the Italian flag was flying as part of a cultural event. Willie spotted it and mistook it for the Irish Tri-colour.
Frazer claimed the school was a breeding ground for the IRA and stated publicly;

“I wonder do they also train the children in how to use weapons, for it seems they canstpatricksdonaghmore_17052012 do what they want.”

Concerned for the safety of the pupils and the school’s reputation teachers informed the Police.

For a brief period, Frazer ran “The Spot”, a nightclub in Tandragee, County Armagh, which closed down after two Protestant civilians, Andrew Robb and David McIlwaine, who had been in the club were stabbed to death in February 2000 by the Ulster Volunteer Force

Frazer is a comedy act, but a dangerous one if taken seriously. Unfortunately he has a tendency to expose not only his sectarian nature but his racist attitudes also.

His defense of security force collusion with loyalist paramilitaries in an interview with Susan McKay indicates his racism:

“If you were in the UDR and your brother was shot, are you telling me you wouldn’t pass information on to loyalists? … See if a Paki comes from India and kills a Provo? I’m going to shake his hand”.

In September 2010 the SEUPB revoked all funding to FAIR, Willies playgroup (more than £800,000 over three years) due to “major failures in the organisation’s ability to adhere to the conditions associated with its funding allocation” uncovered following a “thorough audit” of the tendering and administration procedures used by FAIR.

Willie needs to concentrate on his own affairs before poking his nose in others.

Finally, Willie’s evidence on the Lammas Fair story;

“All people need to do ref this horse meat, is to check out if DARD CIS had been ask to look into a big sale going down in ballycastle in 2010”

I am just wondering how 850 horses got down Fairhill Street and 250,000 people spotted only 50.

Upgrade For Quay Road Sports Complex


Moyle District Council will invest £25,000 on the Quay Road Sports Complex multi use surface.  The investment comes following severe winter damage due to the weather.  The damage is preventing  surface water from draining off and has  forced the facility’s closure several times this winter.quayroadlogo

The complex, in its ninth year, is due an upgrade and the additional work should allow for seven additional years on the lifespan of the surface.resize

Independent Councillor Padraig Mc Shane who requested the work be carried out said;

“The artificial surface is by far the most utilised playing surface under the control of Moyle District Council. It has allowed the growth and development of hockey in the town alongside Gaelic Games. The nature of a surface enables a range of sports to be played on it. This allows for increased use of the area due to it’s diverse nature and the area is playable all year round.

“Over a dozen camogie teams use the facility on a Sunday morning to play a winter competition. In the past a competition at this time of year would have been beyond the ambition of most managers. Soccer and athletics ensure the complex is in constant demand day and night”.

Dereliction – £100,000 for Bushmills, Ballycastle, Ballintoy, Waterfoot, Mosside, Armoy

Environment Minister Alex Attwood today announced a one million pound funding package for environmental improvements to tackle dereliction in a number of areas in Northern Ireland.
Fermanagh will get a £380,000 boost in the run up to the G8 summit. Belfast will benefit from a £300,000 package, especially welcome given recent problems. Hundreds of derelict sites and properties will benefit, be it demolishing buildings at Broadway on the Falls and the Crumlin Road Belfast, a spruce up of Lisburn City Centre or removal of eyesores in Ballycastle and Bushmills.
This follows on from a similar amount of money having been pumped into Portrush and Portstewart in advance of the Irish Open and in Derry as a boost to the City of Culture year.
The £1 million will be divided up between the following Council areas:

  • Fermanagh – £380,000
  • Belfast – £300,000
  • Lisburn – £160, 000
  • Moyle – £100,000 for Bushmills, Ballycastle, Ballintoy, Waterfoot, Mosside, Armoy
  • Down – £60,000 for Ballynahinch, Newcastle and Downpatrick

Councils have plans in place to push forward with this work in the near future.

BDS Gaining Momentum

During the 1980s, after years of campaigning, South Africa’s apartheid policies and being associated with the then South African regime became economically unwise and a liability. Today, Israel’s apartheid policies and being associated with the Israeli regime is becoming increasingly risky for business, economically (as well as politically) unwise and a liability.

Karsten Farms, a leading South African agricultural company backed by one of South Africa’s primary finance bodies, the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), has severed its relations with the Israeli cooperative, Hadiklaim, and has also undertaken not to enter into any future relations with any Israeli entity complicit in the illegal Israeli Occupation of Palestine.

South African human rights organizations, lead by the Palestine Solidarity Alliance (PSA) and BDS South Africa, launched a consumer campaign against Karsten Farms due to its trade relations (in violation of the boycott of Israel) with Israel’s Hadiklaim – an Israeli company operating, against international law, in the illegal Israeli settlements.

This week, after almost 3 years of campaigning, in a letter to BDS South Africa via their lawyers, Werksmans Attorneys, Karsten Farms undertook: “Not to enter into any trade relations with Hadiklaim for the current harvest year of 2013 and not have any business relations with them [Hadiklaim] in the future.” In addition, and in a precedent-setting move, Karsten Farms also undertook: “Not to enter into any trade relations with any Israeli company and/or entity within the occupied/illegal settlement areas of Israel”.

Siphiwe Thusi of the Palestine Solidarity Alliance welcomed the news: “This is the first time that a South African company has taken the legally as well as ethically correct decision not to trade with Israeli companies complicit in the illegal Israeli Occupation of Palestine. Karsten Farms has indeed set a precedent for other South African businesses and companies to follow. This is a breakthrough not only for the boycott of Israel but also for ethical and good business practice.” Thusi added that “the call for the consumer boycott of Karstens products has now been called off by virtue of their legal undertakings” however he also cautioned that “the Palestine Solidarity Alliance and BDS South Africa will be monitoring the situation and if any new Israeli relations, even if via third parties, were to be formed, the boycott campaign against Karsten Farms would be re-launched, and intensified.”