Sickening Refugee Graffiti – Coleraine

McAuley Multimedia 20th September 2015...Graffiti on the wall at the Salvation community church on Ballycastle road in Coleraine .It appeared at the weakend saying 'No refugees welcome' a clear message for refugees that may be located in Coleraine.PICTURE STEVEN MCAULEY/MCAULEY MULITMEDIA

20th September 2015…Graffiti on the wall at the Salvation community church on Ballycastle road in Coleraine .It appeared at the weakend saying ‘No refugees welcome’ a clear message for refugees that may be located in Coleraine.PICTURE STEVEN MCAULEY/MCAULEY MULITMEDIA

On the same morning another lorry load of aid leaves Ballycastle and the Glens for Calais, Greece and beyond to support fellow human beings in plight, those who would join in the fight for humanity had to endure a racist attack on their church premises in Coleraine

Refugees making their way across Europe from Syria, escaping the West’s brutal intervention in the internal affairs of another Nation State, are the upwardly mobile, third level educated, young, articulate, intelligent and like anyone in a similar situation, are desperate to survive.

On the other hand, those who placed graffiti on the walls of the Salvation Army centre on the Ballycastle Road, Coleraine, are a lot further down the evolutionary tree. They have a supremacist ideology carved from generations of anti-catholic sectarianism. It is no surprise to see a mural to UDA TEENAGER William Campbell shadowing the latest Racist graffiti along the banks of the Bann. 19 year old Campbell blew himself up while in the process of attempting to kill catholics in the Coleraine area.

The UDA, who sponsored the placing of the disgusting graffiti on the Church property, enjoyed links to like minded far right groups including COMBAT 18, the National Front and more recently, Britain First. 

Coleraine has had a chapter of the National Front since the 70’s. It has been allowed to grow and flourish among the poorly educated, loyalist communities that senior Unionist politicians court for votes. It is that link that allows much of the hate to be airbrushed and is the chief reason why the Loyalist tail can be seen wagging the Unionist dog.


Dervock Chapel & how the UDA continue to be the Tail that Wags the PSNI & Unionist Dog 


Dervock Chapel

Loyalists have again raised a union flag in the grounds of a catholic chapel in Dervock during the lead up to the twelfth.Causeway Coast and Glens Independent Councillor Padraig McShane has hit out at political unionism and the PSNI when he stated;

“The hate involved in the raising of this flag in the grounds of a chapel stems not from the perpetrators themselves – who seem incapable of even the most basic of rational and simplistic of thought processing -but the clearly identifiable lack of political leadership in North Antrim and East Derry. The area continues to be the focus of racist and sectarian anti-Catholic and anti Irish sentiment both,in the local Council chamber and from some elected representatives from the Unionist community in the Stormont regime.

“Negative verbal musings from Unionist leaders on the Irish language, Gaelic Games, the identification with being Irish or Catholic all help to manifest the hate we see before us in Dervock.  

flag Errected by Loyalists at the gates of the tiny Catholic Church in Dervock. the church has been attacked and vandalised in the past with windows smashed and graffiti sprayed on the exterior

“Furthermore, the PSNI have gone into hiding suggesting it is not a hate crime because no one reported it as such. The same incident was reported last year and yet no action was taken against the perpetrators who were actually in conversation with the PSNI while erecting the flag in the grounds of the chapel.

“I would call on anyone with any clout in the Unionist community, from the PSNI to the churches to civic society to begin to show leadership instead of pandering to UDA elements in the area.”

PSNI Refuse to Remove UDA/UFF Flags



An Independent Councillor has echoed the call from residents in Mosside to have paramilitary flags removed from the village. UDA and Ulster Freedom Fighters flags adorned numerous lampposts in the village and one UDA flag has been hoisted on a flagpole at the entrance to Community Walk beside the Council’s community centre.
Councillor Padraig Mc Shane made the call following a meeting with several residents on Friday night. After the meeting he said residents were fed up with those who continued to besmirch the image of the village and the paramilitary flags were unrepresentative of the vast majority of those who live in Mosside.
Councillor Mc Shane said;
“It is no surprise that Mosside is in a state of decay with business closing and dereliction rife. Given the village sits on a main arterial route it should be booming. The bully boys who erect the ‘standards’ of murder gangs and who hold the community to ransom through intimidation, fear and violence must be faced down if the village is ever to recover.
“The community is aware of who is behind the erection of the UDA flags. Several feral gangs exist in the North Antrim area marking out territories and inflicting their malaise on the community.”
The Councillor is calling on the Housing Executive, the Council and the PSNI to all play their part in the removal of paramilitary flags in Mosside.
“To date the issue of illegal flags has seen the UDA tail wag the PSNI dog. The PSNI removed paramilitary flags last year in Ballyclare and following sustained rioting, apologised to the criminal gangs for having upset them. It is now time for them to stand up for the honourable members of the community in Mosside and not only remove the flags but remove the criminal elements off the community’s back.
In response the PSNI released a statement saying no flags would be removed until a new approach to emblems and other contentious issues was agreed at Stormont.
Councillor Mc Shane responded;
The statement from the PSNI is lamentable. It sends out a clear message to the community that they have been abandoned and left to the decree of criminal gangs. It may be worth reminding the PSNI that the act of flying these flags is not contentious but illegal and that in fact, they do have to do something about it.
“The PSNI may have ultimate responsibility but they are not alone. If Council or the Housing Executive have flags on their property they must also show support to the community and have them removed forthwith.”

Derwyn’s Theory……..According to Brewster!

Derwyn Brewster on what could have beenYou just got to feel for Derwyn Brewster.

 The failed Independent Canditate for the Causeway Ward of Moyle District Council elections in 2011 has tried his best to keep himself relevant in local political affairs. When I say failed, let me spell it out. Even the TUV beat him with only 164 votes. This after the Brew-mister boasted that he would ‘top the poll in the Causeway Ward’. Embarassing?????? I should say so!

Now I know the lad and have met and conversed with him at several community events in the District. He enjoys positions on several groups in the Bushmills area including Bushmills Residents and Environmental Forum and a Director of Bushmills Ulster Scots Heritage. He also helped Playing old soldier at the Covenantset up Bushmills Village Forum and he is the Secretary of Bushmills Children & Young Peoples Services as well as a director  in the Bushmills Trust.(Info 2011)

Forgive my flippant nature with names but when I get to know people I usually like to lend them a nice catchy appellation that brings a genuinely discriptive meaning! I like meeting new people and the ‘Brew-mister’ was no different. A joval character but in my honest, he was not going to be the next President of the local Golf Club if you catch my drift.

His latest thoughts on the flags issue. Now take a seat. This is going to be educationally enlightening and of course you the reader will marvel at the advancing of community relations in the District of Moyle;Illegally blocking roads

“With years of building friendships and relationships shattered in one crazy decision I would call on Moyle District Council to show leadership to try and repair some of the damage by flying the union flag on all public buildings in Moyle”. (Derwyn Brewster, Coleraine Chronicle)

Now, I told you. But what Derwyn knows well is no flags have every flown from public buildings in Moyle. Everyone was secure in their identities and happy in the knowledge that respect for one and other’s identities has served the District well. Maybe my old buddy the Brew-mister struggles with his identity – but which part? Moyle will not fly a flag over any public building giving everyone in the District the opportunity to adopt the identities they choose while feeling part of the District.

The Brew-mister must  be taken with a pinch of salt. The lad is just about smart enough to avoid being confused with Willie Frazer. But he carrys clout in someone’s eyes. In fact, quite

a lot by the looks of things.Brewster takes his place alongside Billy Mc Farland, the UDA Brigadeir, in Dublin to meet the Queen

Some of you may remember the Queen of England spent a few days in Dublin a while back. Down to greet her wandered the Brigediers of the UDA. Each of them were allowed to bring a guest. Our local lad, the Mexican, took a partner/guest. Would you believe me if I told you it was the Brew-mister. I guess its  been for all his community work!

Councillor and UDA Organising Protest?

Loyalists to Protest Moyle District Council

Loyalists to Protest Moyle District Council

Jamie Mc Cooke, the architect of the Moyle District Council protest on Monday night seems to be a nice chap.

Likes on his facebook include

Friends include two stand-up Gentleman (comedians) in the capricious Willie Fraizer and the ridiculous Jim Allister.

Jamie Mc Cooke who attended Ballycastle High School (Let that comment be no reflection on the school or anyone who works, teaches or attends the fine institution) and resides in the village of Liscolman sheds some fine words of wisdom on his ambitions for Monday night;


Jamie’s call to date has 18 likes. Its not earth shattering stuff really. He goes on to say;

“i think we should go for it. it would be a bad job if we couldnt get a least 100 loyalist outa the likes of dervock bushmills mosside armoy stranocum”.

Apart from not knowing if the ‘caps lock’ is on or off while typing Jamie imparts some more wisdom on the current situation;

“we cant parade and now we cant fly the flag on city hall some shared future bring down the good friday agreement to fuck this country now an ira run state”.

But it turns out Jamie is only the front for the protest. Loyalist Paramilitaries are calling people onto the streets all over the North. The local UDA bomber named after the central belts of the Americas’ has informed his raggle-tag of vagrants to attend following the supposititious input from the Red Baron Councillor. If this is the case, and my source is excellent (from the horse’s mouth so to speak) it highlights a sitting Councillor in Moyle attempting to stir up sectarian tensions again. He shall fail as he did last year in Bushmills. Ballycastle is one community, rather than two living side by side.

nb,  No inference should be drawn from this post that may discredit or degrade Jamie Mc Cooke. His actions to date only indicate an attempt at peaceful protest. Neither should any relationship be drawn with anyone else or any other organisation in this post. Anything in quotation is Jamie’s own words on the Social Media site, Facebook.

Unionists Councillors Cannot Shirk Responsibility in Ballycastle

Loyalists to Protest Moyle District Council

Loyalists to Protest Moyle District Council

An Independent Councillor has sent emails to his Unionist Counter-parts in Moyle highlighting the part they must play in defusing tensions before a planned Loyalist protest in Ballycastle.

Following reports on Facebook, confirmed by the Belfast Newsletter, that the protest is to take place on Monday night Councillor Padraig McShane stated;
“Concern is all to apparent when I was in the centre of town today. Anyone I was talking to expressed various levels of disgust, anger and bemusement.
“Unionism can not shirk its responsibility to the people of Ballycastle. It has an opportunity to maintain and enhance relations in the town if it chooses to! It should not be found wanting.”
Meanwhile the Councillor stressed that should the protest go ahead, it would not damage Relations in the town of Ballycastle as differences can be discussed sensibly and the level of immaturity required to stir up tensions would find no home in Ballycastle.
The following is a copy of an email circulated to all Unionist Councillors in Moyle.
7 December 2012
Dear Colleagues
As you are probably aware, a Loyalist protest is planned for the Council Offices on Monday night.
Given that we have enjoyed a no flags policy since the inception of Moyle DC in 1972 and we enjoy excellent community relations throughout the District, not least in the chamber I believe it would be appropriate for you guys to use your influence and call on those intent on protesting to call it off immediately.
The upshot of these protests has invariably led to violence in Belfast, Ballymena, Carrick and Bangor. Do we wish to see similar in Ballycastle?
The opportunity to show genuine leadership has presented itself and I call on each of you to respond without ambiguity, fear or favour.
I urge you not to be found wanting.
Yours faithfully,
Cllr. Padraig Mc Shane

Loyalists Threaten Moyle D.C.

An Independent Republican Councillor in Moyle has warned a Loyalist Mob to stay away from a meeting of Moyle District Council on Monday night after the discovery of a Facebook campaign to target the Local Government Authority.

The social network page calls ‘All Loyalists to a peaceful protest at Moyle Council Offices’ and asks them to be there at 6.30pm sharp. It follows similar Facebook campaigns that have witnessed peaceful protests turn violent in Belfast, Carrickfergus Ballymena and Bangor.

It also states; “Please attend to show your support as you know Ballycastle is a Republican town”, and finishes, “Please bring plenty of union jacks”.

Councillor Padraig Mc Shane stated;

“Moyle has had a ‘No flags’ policy since 1972. The need to wrap ourselves in the flag in a Nationalist Council has failed to manifest itself in the past and it does not lend itself to the insecurities we are witnessing ravishing Loyalist communities at the minute. 

“Proud unrepentant Republicans in Moyle are secure in their identities and are leaders in the field of genuine community relations. I would counsel Loyalists to consider for once the impact of their actions.

Councillor Mc Shane finished by stating;

“The fact that Moyle has no Alliance Councillors and fly’s no flags leads local observers to conclude  the protests are of a sectarian nature.


“I realise the potential for trouble and while the mob is leaderless I would call on those who control them within Unionism to call a halt to the violent protests immediately.”