Stormont Collapse of Less Concern to people in Glens than 11 Sectarian Bantustans


The local media’s manufactured horror that accompanies the imminent collapse of Stormont assumes that is strong and forward thinking with inbuilt protections for minorities. Stormont is based on a sectarian head count and has never been found wanting when it comes to ineptitude. Paralysis in anything remotely close to progression and lack of accountability are the corner stones. Some examples for the former include Irish language act, academic selection, anti-poverty strategy while the latter can be summed up in Red Sky, members office expenses, hate speech against minorities and £1 land deals. Both are neither exclusive or exhaustive lists……. If Stormont collapses 11 Batustans will not replace the titular powers doled out by Stormont. The squabble camps have different strands yet comparable powers to Stormont. (Extremely little) The Tories will implement their will without the need to do so indirectly though its political creche in Belfast.

In the Causeway Coast & Glens the local conclave has already implemented several far reaching and important policies. Several members now want to be addressed as Aldermen! Goes with the Borough Status they bestowed upon themselves. Essentially what that means, you tip your hat a little lower to these enlightened individuals. Equality is now guaranteed with everyone now allowed to have a Union Flag flown from any lamp post they piss upon. And of course, the British Army are to be held in honor most high with special programs being implemented to ensure no ridicule is bestowed upon them and they receive favorable treatment from any publicly funded body in the new Borough.

Finally in CC&Gs attempts are being made to hang political representatives for the wearing of the green. Whoopeeeeeeeee



5U8A3646Following his visit to Derry at the weekend Councillor Padraig McShane highlighted the similarities in The Bloody Sunday march and the march for civil rights some 42 years earlier.

Free Derry Corner with Stafford Scott of the Justice for Mark Duggan Campaign.

Free Derry Corner with Stafford Scott of the Justice for Mark Duggan Campaign.

“It will be lost on no one that many marching today were still protesting at the distri

bution and allocation of housing. Rights surrounding the access to fair and gainful employment for all and the highlighting of the devastation wrecked on healthcare provision.

“It is ironic that a march for Civil rights led to the collapse of Stormont in 1972. Today a larger crowd than had been seen for many years are demanding many of those same rights from a regime that, because of its makeup and its limited powers, is set in paralysis.
“Those locally who believe the regime is delivering must ask themselves firstly, why Rathmoyle is closing? Why is the hospital,both here in Ballycastle and in Coleraine being downgraded? Why upwards of five thousand hours had been removed from Ambulance provision in East Antrim and the Glens. Where the £44million removed from Healthcare budgets went in the Northern Trust. Or why jobs and opportunities are becoming much more centralised and those in rural locations like Moyle are being 5U8A3307marginalised”.
The Councillor finished by noting the difficulties for many in admitting;
“While it will be difficult for many of us to accept, an honest appraisal brings an uncomfortable conclusion. The Stormont Executive is impacting negatively on the quality of life and the life chances of the vast majority of people across the six counties”.

All Parties Agree To Rathmoyle Closure

Rathmoyle Ballycastle

Rathmoyle Ballycastle

Moyle Independent Councillor Padraig Mc Shane has slammed the five party Stormont Executive after the latest closure in the Moyle area – this time Rathmoyle Residential Care Home. The announcement comes following a lengthy and protracted process that could ultimately result in the closure of all nine Residential Care Homes in the Northern Trust area.

“I spoke with staff this morning following their meeting with Northern Health & Social Care Trust officials. They have been told that between November of this year and January of 2014 the building will be closed and Residents moved on to alternative accommodation.

“Some have spoken movingly of the clients they have worked with over the years. All have voiced their concern about what will happen to the clients.  They fear inadequate levels of care will be provided for them in the future.

“Concern among the staff regarding their future is also palpable. With many unable to travel due to our poor public transport network here in Moyle they feel the promise of no voluntary redundancies rings hollow. Many expect to be forced, by circumstances beyond their control, into taking a redundancy package”.


Unison has claimed all nine residential care homes operated by the Northern Health and Social Care Trust are set to be closed. The union said it expects two homes – Pinewood in Ballymena and Westlands in Cookstown – to close in November, followed by Rathmoyle in Ballycastle next January.

Democratic Deficit

Councillor Padraig Mc Shane continued;

“No one party can be blamed for the savage cuts we are witnessing here in Moyle. While the DUP hold the Ministry on Health it is the five party Executive that sets the budgets for all Ministerial portfolios. While the main Parties will point to ‘no cuts to the Health budgets’ in recent years, in real terms the budget has been reduced by over ten percent due to inflation. The Chief Executive of the Northern Trust confirmed this point to me when questioned recently.

“The Executive has become a ‘monolith’ with no effective accountability. Moyle on Health alone has lost the x-ray facility in Dalriada, Rathmoyle Residential Home, Rathmoyle Day Care facilities are under serious threat and are sure to meet the same fate and of course the M.S. respite facility in Ballycastle.

“The Glens has taken a hammering also with ambulance provision being attacked, Glenmona adult day care being reduced and both Ballycastle and Cushendall have Fire Stations not fit for purpose.

“All the while local representatives of the five main parties will bemoan the decline of Health Care Service Provision while failing to comprehend their active part in closing and removing the facilities. I believe the local Councillors fail to grasp their roles in the removal of services and have a genuine, if somewhat deluded, concern.