Sickening Refugee Graffiti – Coleraine

McAuley Multimedia 20th September 2015...Graffiti on the wall at the Salvation community church on Ballycastle road in Coleraine .It appeared at the weakend saying 'No refugees welcome' a clear message for refugees that may be located in Coleraine.PICTURE STEVEN MCAULEY/MCAULEY MULITMEDIA

20th September 2015…Graffiti on the wall at the Salvation community church on Ballycastle road in Coleraine .It appeared at the weakend saying ‘No refugees welcome’ a clear message for refugees that may be located in Coleraine.PICTURE STEVEN MCAULEY/MCAULEY MULITMEDIA

On the same morning another lorry load of aid leaves Ballycastle and the Glens for Calais, Greece and beyond to support fellow human beings in plight, those who would join in the fight for humanity had to endure a racist attack on their church premises in Coleraine

Refugees making their way across Europe from Syria, escaping the West’s brutal intervention in the internal affairs of another Nation State, are the upwardly mobile, third level educated, young, articulate, intelligent and like anyone in a similar situation, are desperate to survive.

On the other hand, those who placed graffiti on the walls of the Salvation Army centre on the Ballycastle Road, Coleraine, are a lot further down the evolutionary tree. They have a supremacist ideology carved from generations of anti-catholic sectarianism. It is no surprise to see a mural to UDA TEENAGER William Campbell shadowing the latest Racist graffiti along the banks of the Bann. 19 year old Campbell blew himself up while in the process of attempting to kill catholics in the Coleraine area.

The UDA, who sponsored the placing of the disgusting graffiti on the Church property, enjoyed links to like minded far right groups including COMBAT 18, the National Front and more recently, Britain First. 

Coleraine has had a chapter of the National Front since the 70’s. It has been allowed to grow and flourish among the poorly educated, loyalist communities that senior Unionist politicians court for votes. It is that link that allows much of the hate to be airbrushed and is the chief reason why the Loyalist tail can be seen wagging the Unionist dog.


Moyle Equality Legacy Laid Waste in 120 Days of Supremacy In New Causeway Coast & Glens

Introductions. Councillor William Blair TUV Councillor Aaron Callan UUP Alderman Sam Cole DUP Councillor George Duddy DUP Alderman John Finlay DUP Alderman William King UUP Councillor James Alexander McCorkell DUP Councillor Alan McLean DUP Alderman Alan Robinson DUP

Some of the Members of the Causeway Coast & Glens who endorsed the Policy on flags: Councillor William Blair TUV Councillor Aaron Callan UUP Alderman Sam Cole DUP Councillor George Duddy DUP Alderman John Finlay DUP Alderman William King UUP Councillor James Alexander McCorkell DUP Councillor Alan McLean DUP Alderman Alan Robinson DUP Councillor Boyd Douglas TUV.

The euphoria combined with great expectations of a new brighter future are dead. Murdered by 100 days of unadulterated bigotry and old fashioned supremacy. For the people of the former District of Moyle, a council set up in 1972 to cater for that wild untamed fenian element that lives on the North Antrim Coast stretching largely from the village of Waterfoot through Cushendall, Cushendun, Carey, Armoy Glen and down into Ballycastle, it is the new and invigorated recalibration of the Orange State.

Moyle’s birth and very existence was down to the fact that Coleraine, Ballymena, Larne and in particular, Ballymoney’s ‘old school’ Unionist dominated representatives refused to countenance taking such a large base of the Nationalist  population. It’s political makeup could have tipped the balance of Unionist preeminence in each of the respective old legacy Council areas.

So Moyle, with the smallest population of 17,000, was little over half the size of the second smallest, Ballymoney with 32,000 and one of the largest geographical areas, battled its way from 1972 to March 2015 to provide for its ratepayers. With a low population base and no major industries it survived on a shoestring budget. It was fortunate in its geographical makeup with the Giant’s Causeway, the rope bridge, the Glens and of course Rathlin.  It battled hard to provide for all.

Now here’s the rub;

Moyle relied heavily on funding opportunities and voluntary organisations to make the ratepayers money go further. Officers became experts in obtaining funding of 80% 90% and up to 100% to finance projects that were simply out of their budget. Quay Road playing fields & synthetic turf, Ballycastle, Glenariff Forest Park, Millennium Park Bushmills, new sand based soccer pitch Dundarave, Changing facilities Dundarave, the Cottage Wood in Cushendall etc etc etc. Landscape schemes were applied for and funded at 100% right along the coast etc. The GAA in the area removed a massive burden from ratepayers, providing their own facilities, growing developing and working in close proximity with the Council to promote health and wellbeing.

Before Moyle Council ended, an Equality Impact Assessment concluded that on the basis of Services delivered in the community and sporting sectors, the ‘green Bantustan’ up beside Scotland had over delivered in the Causeway Ward (Unionist), and under delivered in Ballycastle while the Glens ward (the greenest of them all) needed serious investment and had been neglected. The message in these stats was that Republicans in Moyle had went out of their way to provide leadership and support the Unionist minority in the area.

No flags, emblems and a service delivery mechanism that supported everyone. It allowed everyone to adopt and foster their own identities, to feel equal. Those decisions manifested into strong community relations in the Glens and Ballycastle. It’s no accident that sectarianism is almost unheard of. There is no proliferation of flags and public bodies like schools, churches and voluntary groups work together without recourse to the question of one’s religion.

In contrast, Ballymoney Council chose to fly its Union Flag 365 days of the year. The community jumped on board following the lead. There is hardly a lamppost in the Town and most of the surrounding villages that flags don’t adorn. It’s only serious rival in flag proliferation, Coleraine, another legacy council. The two areas are bywords for sectarianism. A fundamental religious leadership applying the lowest common denominator to a population, drawn largely as those same political leadership might see it, from a lower caste.

The problem with the promotion of supremacy and the ideology that sees a young turk with a flute have the ability throw his arms apart and declare, ‘We are the People’ is its grotesque consequences. It’s no accident that the placing of one identity above  others allows for the dehumanising of an entire people.  The ideology allows those same people to burn 3 children in their beds in Ballymoney. It allows for the kicking to death of a father in Coleraine. It also generates enough hate for a ninteen year old to blow himself up in the pursuit of doing likewise to his catholic neighbour.

It does not end there. Those who make decisions to the detriment of the community over flags are the same people who are entrusted to make decisions for the benefit of the entire community on matters of business, finance, community development, infrastructure and wellbeing.

We have a stark choice as a community. We collectively face down the supremacist ideology espoused by those granted enough power by Stormont to create their own little Orange State on the North Antrim Coast. We also work together to maintain the relations carefully fostered over generations or we pass the area off into some horrible abyss.


Unionists Councillors Cannot Shirk Responsibility in Ballycastle

Loyalists to Protest Moyle District Council

Loyalists to Protest Moyle District Council

An Independent Councillor has sent emails to his Unionist Counter-parts in Moyle highlighting the part they must play in defusing tensions before a planned Loyalist protest in Ballycastle.

Following reports on Facebook, confirmed by the Belfast Newsletter, that the protest is to take place on Monday night Councillor Padraig McShane stated;
“Concern is all to apparent when I was in the centre of town today. Anyone I was talking to expressed various levels of disgust, anger and bemusement.
“Unionism can not shirk its responsibility to the people of Ballycastle. It has an opportunity to maintain and enhance relations in the town if it chooses to! It should not be found wanting.”
Meanwhile the Councillor stressed that should the protest go ahead, it would not damage Relations in the town of Ballycastle as differences can be discussed sensibly and the level of immaturity required to stir up tensions would find no home in Ballycastle.
The following is a copy of an email circulated to all Unionist Councillors in Moyle.
7 December 2012
Dear Colleagues
As you are probably aware, a Loyalist protest is planned for the Council Offices on Monday night.
Given that we have enjoyed a no flags policy since the inception of Moyle DC in 1972 and we enjoy excellent community relations throughout the District, not least in the chamber I believe it would be appropriate for you guys to use your influence and call on those intent on protesting to call it off immediately.
The upshot of these protests has invariably led to violence in Belfast, Ballymena, Carrick and Bangor. Do we wish to see similar in Ballycastle?
The opportunity to show genuine leadership has presented itself and I call on each of you to respond without ambiguity, fear or favour.
I urge you not to be found wanting.
Yours faithfully,
Cllr. Padraig Mc Shane

Loyalists Threaten Moyle D.C.

An Independent Republican Councillor in Moyle has warned a Loyalist Mob to stay away from a meeting of Moyle District Council on Monday night after the discovery of a Facebook campaign to target the Local Government Authority.

The social network page calls ‘All Loyalists to a peaceful protest at Moyle Council Offices’ and asks them to be there at 6.30pm sharp. It follows similar Facebook campaigns that have witnessed peaceful protests turn violent in Belfast, Carrickfergus Ballymena and Bangor.

It also states; “Please attend to show your support as you know Ballycastle is a Republican town”, and finishes, “Please bring plenty of union jacks”.

Councillor Padraig Mc Shane stated;

“Moyle has had a ‘No flags’ policy since 1972. The need to wrap ourselves in the flag in a Nationalist Council has failed to manifest itself in the past and it does not lend itself to the insecurities we are witnessing ravishing Loyalist communities at the minute. 

“Proud unrepentant Republicans in Moyle are secure in their identities and are leaders in the field of genuine community relations. I would counsel Loyalists to consider for once the impact of their actions.

Councillor Mc Shane finished by stating;

“The fact that Moyle has no Alliance Councillors and fly’s no flags leads local observers to conclude  the protests are of a sectarian nature.


“I realise the potential for trouble and while the mob is leaderless I would call on those who control them within Unionism to call a halt to the violent protests immediately.”