PSNI suspect device! 20,000 P45’S discovered in Stormont

No support exists in Ballycastle or the Glens of Antrim for violence. No bomb was discovered in Cushendun despite widespread media coverage to the contrary. SF the sdlp and the psni need to get off the community’s back in Ballycastle and the Glens.

The local community are demanding answers –
  • Why won’t police say what was discovered?
  • Why all the ‘cloak & dagger’?
  • Why is local constitutional nationalists attempting to frighten and criminalise the community in the Glens of Antrim?
  • Why are politicans reporting a bomb find in Cushendun yet no evidence of a bomb ever existed?
DESPERATE SF/SDLP using ‘dissident bogeyman’ to remove attention from their commitments to Tory Welfare

What sf & the sdlp failed to learn from last year’s incident in Ballycastle was no bomb existed there either.  In March of 2015, A vulnerable gentleman within the community told police he was going to leave a device at the police station in Ballycastle. A hoax operation, manipulated for widespread media coverage all over Ireland, reported ‘a viable explosive device’ in Ballycastle. Two army bomb disposal teams and a controlled explosion helped add to the theatrics.


PSNI suspect device! 20,000 P45’S discovered in Stormont

Every politician within Nationalism locally attempted to paint the picture that we had ‘evil dissident bogeymen’ within our midst in the Glens. After investigating, the PSNI Press Office relented and admitted the bomb was a half bottle of petrol lying in the middle of a concrete yard. What purpose did the reporting serve? More importantly, what damage was inflicted on the reputation of the people of Ballycastle and the Glens? Last weekend’s ‘discovery in Cushendun was likewise.

What is not beyond doubt-  These two parties need to remove attention from their commitments to 20,000 job cuts, their implementation of Tory Welfare reforms, their attacks on the poor and vulnerable, and their continued commitment to sectarian based politics.

The combination of MI5/PSNI attempts at manipulation of our media coupled to ‘willing lemmings’ in sf/sdlp ensures the truth is the first casualty. Tory controlled constitutional nationalism must abstain from making cheap political capital on the backs of the local community in the Glens of Antrim.


PSNI suspect device! 20,000 P45’S discovered in Stormont

No violent Republicanism exists in the Glens of Antrim but rising opposition to the Executive’s pro Tory austerity agenda is beginning to evidence itself. The incidents attempting to highlight the former seem like an attempt to obscure the later. -Cllr Padraig McShane


5U8A3646Following his visit to Derry at the weekend Councillor Padraig McShane highlighted the similarities in The Bloody Sunday march and the march for civil rights some 42 years earlier.

Free Derry Corner with Stafford Scott of the Justice for Mark Duggan Campaign.

Free Derry Corner with Stafford Scott of the Justice for Mark Duggan Campaign.

“It will be lost on no one that many marching today were still protesting at the distri

bution and allocation of housing. Rights surrounding the access to fair and gainful employment for all and the highlighting of the devastation wrecked on healthcare provision.

“It is ironic that a march for Civil rights led to the collapse of Stormont in 1972. Today a larger crowd than had been seen for many years are demanding many of those same rights from a regime that, because of its makeup and its limited powers, is set in paralysis.
“Those locally who believe the regime is delivering must ask themselves firstly, why Rathmoyle is closing? Why is the hospital,both here in Ballycastle and in Coleraine being downgraded? Why upwards of five thousand hours had been removed from Ambulance provision in East Antrim and the Glens. Where the £44million removed from Healthcare budgets went in the Northern Trust. Or why jobs and opportunities are becoming much more centralised and those in rural locations like Moyle are being 5U8A3307marginalised”.
The Councillor finished by noting the difficulties for many in admitting;
“While it will be difficult for many of us to accept, an honest appraisal brings an uncomfortable conclusion. The Stormont Executive is impacting negatively on the quality of life and the life chances of the vast majority of people across the six counties”.

Tidal Power Offers Local Opportunities

Ireland’s First Tidal Power Station at Torr Head.

A Councillor in Moyle has called on the local business community in Ballycastle and the Glens to prepare to maximize any potential spinoffs from the development of 100mw tidal energy farm off Torr Head.

Independent Councillor Padraig Mc Shane was speaking as he prepares to meet with Tidal Ventures Ltd to discuss several areas of interest including impact and potential.
Councillor Mc Shane stated;
“I have been in contact with Tidal Ventures and I want to follow any potential for the development of the local economy. It is important to engage with this company now to realise any potential going forward to 2020.
Job creation must be explored as the company has committed to employ locally. The location of any premises required gives an additional potential income source.
“The environmental impact of the turbines has been raised on a number of occasions. Previous testing concluded that the turbines planned for the sea bed off Torr Head had proved harmless to Marine life”.
Tidal Ventures, a collaboration between Bord Gáis and tidal energy partner, Open Hydro plan to have a tidal energy farm in place off the North Coast that will have the potential to power 75,000 homes.