Carrickmore Road Cannot Be Abandoned


Glens Independent Councillor Padraig McShane says he believes Transport NI will make the correct decision in relation to attempts to have an abandonment order placed on a stretch of the Carrickmore Road.

Speaking this week before a meeting between Transport NI, objectors and the applicant for the abandonment order, Councillor McShane said;

“No reasonable grounds exist for the public body to walk away from this important stretch of highway.

“It serves a very important purpose and has done for many decades, indeed a few centuries. Give the archeological, historical and geological significance of the area it shall continue to do so for many more to come.

“Its importance to the local community alongside visitors to the area as a quiet and picturesque retreat and its ease of access for vehicular traffic for those with disabilities to enjoy the location, are also important considerations when making a decision on any notions of abandonment of a public road.

“While not wishing to preempt any outcomes, common sense would indicate a public body will not forgo the public interest on this application”.


Summer Seats Installed at Marconi’s Cottage

IMG_8667[2] - CopyIt has been at the centre of controversy for several years but is still one of the most popular walks on the North Antrim Coast and recently, Moyle District Council placed two summer seats next to the public Car Park at Marconi’s Cottage, Carrickmore Road. Hundreds of walkers use the road on a weekly basis taking in the beautiful surroundings of the place where the Coast Road hugs the contour of the Straits of Moyle. In what many will view as Moyle District Council laying claim to the area for the local community and enthusiastic walkers, Independent Councillor Padraig Mc Shane proposed the installation of the summer seats and a waste paper basket.

On completion Councillor Mc Shane welcomed the new furnishings saying;

“The public love the area and it is especially popular with local walkers. Many had indicated the need to install the seats and I’m pleased the Council facilitated their wishes”.