Oliver’s Porkies!! SF MLA’s abrupt and complete reversal of attitude, opinion and position on Cushendun Bomb claim.


Click on link above to listen to Q Radio interview. All links in green can be clicked to contributing pieces.


I was asked to do an interview for the Q Radio network yesterday to explain to listeners that no violence emanating from Republicans was evident in North Antrim. I was unaware of a contributing piece from Oliver McMullan who Under the headline, ‘Bomb Found in Coast Road’ (Ballycastle Chronicle Front page Thur 19th May) claimed:
“For anyone to leave an EXPLOSIVE DEVICE on one of the main roads in and out of the town is sheer recklessness and shows absolute disregard for the residents of this town and passers-by.”

Sensational stuff. I would have assumed that most people took an ‘EXPLOSIVE DEVICE’ to mean a bomb. Oliver repeats his sensationalist claims for the BBC under the headline

Bomb made safe after being found on Glendun Road

for Downtown Radio under the headline –
for Irish News under the headline –

Explosive device discovered in Cushendun ‘viable’, police say

even the Peterborough Telegraph reprinted Oliver’s deceit –

Bomb found in seaside village a viable device, say police

Despite the flummoxed attempts by Oliver to reel in the wilful and irresponsible deceit in his radio interview yesterday the explosive claims are still on his party website –

Mc Mullan slams those behind EXPLOSIVE DEVICE

But MLA Oliver re-evaluates his claims in the Q radio interview:
“Nobody said their was a bomb. There was a bomb component part was ah apparently found.”


The MLA’s abrupt and complete reversal of attitude, opinion and position is to be welcomed after being challenged. The question now must be posed, What is Sinn Fein & the sdlp hoping to gain from defacing the reputation of the people of the Glens? Why have reports all over Ireland and further afield claim there is bombs in the Glens of Antrim.No bomb or explosive device existed in the Glens last weekend.

The responsibility for peddling of these ‘whoppers’ rests first and foremost with the PSNI and the security agents of the British State. Given the back catalogue of collusion, use of agent provocateurs , misuse of the justice system, denial of inquiries, internment, shoot to kill and countless other punitive measures – it is not difficult to evidence the point that actions like those in Cushendun have more in common with British state operations than any threat from proud Republicans in the Glens.

P.S. No evidence backed up the MLA’s radio interview claims nor did the personal claims made against myself. As an aside, I was elected to serve the Glens Ward of Moyle in 2007. In 2011 I was elected to the Ballycastle Ward of Moyle and in 2014 I was elected to serve the combined wards of Ballycastle, The Glens and Loughgiel.

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