Who Creates Refugees?

bassadwest10years The common denominator in the refugee crisis. America has economic or military interests in each country producing massive numbers of displaced populations. Psychotic Britain has been steadfastly at its side with similar private multi-national business interests. The first plane into Benghazi Libya following the city’s liberation (not my choice of word) was a military craft loaded not with humanitarian supplies but Executives of BP AMMACO and Royal Dutch Shell to secure four percent of the worlds crude oil owned by Libya. The BBC and media throughout informed it was a NATO humanitarian intervention. How’s that working out?

Meanwhile George Osbourne just used the death of a Syrian child on a beech in Turkey to his advantage quickly launching into producing the sound bites for more war. He wants to kill them before they leave Syria so as not to upset people in Europe.


One thought on “Who Creates Refugees?

  1. linda hatton says:

    Dear Mr McShane, l can see by one of your articles that you are as horrified as l am, that so called boy racers are able to terrorize the people of Ballycastle and beyond with their antisocial /potentially lethal behaviour. Also of concern are farm vehicles, [some driven by what looks like children] HGVS, buses, vans, cars etc thundering at speed down narrow streets intended for a horse and cart. One of the racers[for want of a better word] who was driving in an erratic and dangerous way almost mounted a pavement where my grandchildren were walking with their mother[who was deeply shaken].Other family members were with them.On that occasion given what had occured the police appeared to show concern. I was informed some time ago that there was to be a meeting with the police and council re the problems. l phoned the council and was informed that the racers are not their problem,it is a police matter, also there was to be no such meeting. That a unique,historic and lovely place like Ballycastle is being destroyed/terrorized in this way is a scandal. Lives are being put at risk. Human rights are being ignored. There are many ways in which the problems could be sorted, given the risk for catastrophe it is paramount that this is done asap. Please keep me informed of any meetings etc re these issues.

    yours sincerely Linda Hatton

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