Enda and Selective Vision


Enda Takes The Proverbial Yet has the vision of Stevie Wonder when it come to the UDA in North Antrim

No one will be surprised when I say I’m not falling over myself about ‘devo minimum’ Stormont. Nor will they be surprised at my lack of enthusiasm for Europe’s Leinster House. But Enda Kenny is a joke comparable with the vast majority of the islands media when he plays politics on the back of one man’s death yet remained invisible while the UDA murdered, bombed intimidated and beat individuals in North Antrim and East Derry. The defence will be Sinn Fein are in government therefore it’s different. But while Sf are in Stormont it is the British government who own and run Stormont. Another uncomfortable fact, they have owned, run and maintain the UDA. Not a word Enda.


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