Supremacist Council Picks A Fight They Must Lose

UJ_FlyingLegal proceeding have begun as a collective think-tank of republican activists, business men leaders & community leaders held meetings to address the Causeway Coast & Glen’s Council decision to fly the Union Flag in Ballycastle. Last week the new Super Council in Coleraine adopted a policy that will see the Union flag being hoisted on local government offices in Sheskburn House in the sea side resort. In the previous legacy Council – Moyle – a ‘no flags policy’ ensured nothing was flown in the 42 years of its existence. Latest census figures indicate Ballycastle is almost 80% Nationalist.

The meetings were attended by individuals from across the Glens including Cushendall, Waterfoot and Loughgiel and focused on the inadequacies of the new local government format in Nationalist areas.

Local Independent Councillor Padraig McShane who addressed the Ballycastle meeting said afterwards;
“Community relations in Ballycastle are of an exemplary nature. Rather than two communities living side by side we simply have one community living in harmony. To protect against supremacists and to ensure the community continues to grow and advance, action will be taken within the Council and the courts. If that appears to get us nowhere a more direct action will manifest itself to protect these community relations that are the ethos of Republican principles we live out in the Glens. The meeting made clear, Any flags of colonialism, supremacy and dictatorship will be removed.

“Bigotry, racism and ultimately supremacy spurred on by the influence of the Orange Order remain the driving forces that allowed the entire Unionist family in the chamber to support the motion to impose the Union flag on Ballycastle. It is now up to Republicans alongside others locally to provide leadership where none exists in the Council. The Orange Order via its influence in the Causeway Coast & Glens has picked a fight it is destined to lose.

“An individual from Ballycastle will through legal representation, place the Council on notice of motion. Constitutional Nationalism has accepted the flying of the Union flag on designated days. That two will be challenged on the basis that there remains an expectation in Ballycastle that we should all collectively remain free from sectarian harassment.

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