Joy Riders Assualt Young People Opposing their Antics.

Glens Independent Councillor Padraig McShane accused the PSNI of hiding while joyriders wrecked havoc in Ballycastle last weekend.The councillor said a week of joyriding at night time culminated on Saturday night with assaults on innocent bystanders who had objected to the practise. 
The Councillor continued;
“A PSNI vehicle, purposely it would appear, avoided coming into contact with death riders who raced through Ballycastle for hours on end last Saturday night. 


“At one point while burn-outs were happening in the Diamond the police stopped, turned and slowly made their way back to the sea front in an effort to avoid contact with the criminals. 

“An altercation took place after young people objected to the death racers. When several car loads of death riders landed in the Diamond area and assaulted innocent bystanders. One man suffered a broken nose while another young man was knocked unconscious requiring several staples to a gaping wound on the head.
The Councillor finished by saying;

“Given recent events, tensions are running high in the town of Ballycastle. If, as it would appear, the police are not up to dealing with death riders a ground swell of public opinion, Particularly among young people, would advocate dealing with the matter outside of the PSNI’s remit.”


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