‘Fabricated Concerns’ Help Executive Councillors in Moyle Deliver Health Care Cuts

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An Independent Councillor has described the relationship between the Stormont Executive and those local Councillors who are party to that same Executive as, “The most pathetic of all political nostalgia’s”. He also warned ‘Executive’ Party Councillors not to treat the local community as fools.
“Councillors locally are shedding crocodile tears while their party colleagues in the Stormont Executive are delivering ‘death by a thousand cuts’ to our local health care provision”, Stated Independent Councillor Padraig Mc Shane.
The Councillor was reacting to the closure of six beds at Dalriada Hospital in Ballycastle.
Explaining Councillor McShane continued;
“The Stormont Executive delivered cuts to the Health Care budget in the Northern Trust area totalling forty-four million between 2009-11. At the time the Ulster Unionist Health Minister Michael Mc Gimpsey ordered savings to be made which included the downgrading of the M.S. Center in Dalriada.
“Two years later, and in what many will see as a certain deficiency of tragic sense, two local Ulster Unionist Councillors attempt to attack the cuts their Minister and party colleague implemented with the support of the entire Executive – by blaming others!
Councillor McShane continued;
“The proclamations of both Councillors Baird and Hunter would mercifully indicate that in fact, they hadn’t a clue what was happening. Their claims that it had come “Out of the blue” in addition to “As far as we know there has been no consultation”, was the strongest indications of that fact.
“The Councillors performance in the press last week was only ever a hymn of political triumphalism. Should they however, wish to ‘breech a moment of moral clarity’, they could join with me in calling for a more left leaning, service delivering political system that would ensure the vibrancy of our health care system going into the future”.
So Who Is Making The Cuts & Why! 
Councillor McShane said it was too simple to suggest the Stormont Administration were administering cuts on behalf of the Tory Administration.
“The British Exchequer bailed out the private banking system by almost four hundred billion in ‘quantitative easing’. To offset the huge losses encountered by the private sector, the social sector had to endure the most significant cuts since the foundation of the Social Welfare State.
“In essence Stormont is facilitating that process and we in Moyle are seeing the repercussions first hand. Rathmoyle Residential Care and Day Care, X-Ray facilities in Dalriada, Glenmona in Cushendun, Ambulance Provision in the Glens, Mental Health Care downgraded in Dalriada and the constant threat of the closure of the Hospital entirely are only some of the effects of the most ‘disadvantaged’ and ‘at risk’ being asked to bail out the private banking institutions by Stormont and the Tory Administration”.



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