Cushendall Road Safety Measures Planned – But When?

Roads Service has wrote to Moyle District Council to inform that there is a scheme proposal being developed to provide a Vehicle Restraint System (crash barriers) opposite number 147 Cushendall Road. The confirmation follows a campaign by Independent Councillor Padraig Mc Shane to have safety measures put in place at the accident black spot.

But the Councillor remains unhappy and has requested the Council now write to the DRD Minister to implement the programme as he claims the project is not time bound and may not be in place for a number of years.

Councillor Mc Shane said;

“The scheme is not included in the current works programme and may not be for years to come given the decimation of the Minor Works budget that funds the safety measures proposed.

“The site has witnessed numerous accidents going back a number of years with an intense proliferation in the last number of weeks. Five cars have been involved in serious accidents there in the last month”.

The Divisional Roads Manager, Deidre Mackle in a letter to Moyle Council stated;

“Progress of this scheme through to prioritisation within a future years works programme will be subject to funding availability along with a number of other key issues including the successful acquisition of any land required”.

Councillor Mc Shane finished by stating;

“Stormont has hammered the budgets for the Northern Division of Roads Service. The minor works budget has decreased to less than half a million pounds for an area that stretches from Derry to Belfast. The budget was many times that amount in the past. Ultimate responsibility with the required safety measures now rest with the Minister”.


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