“No Jobs for Local Community” – Rathlin Energy

Rathlin Energy:    Employment Opportunities Will be non-existent for local communities.

Rathlin Energy:
Employment Opportunities Will be non-existent for local communities.

Rathlin Energy, the Canadian owned Oil and Gas prospecting Company who are currently seeking planning approval for a second well in Ballinlea, will not be a major employer in the local area. The news was released by Independent Councillor Padraig Mc Shane following a meeting with Company directors last week.

Councillor Mc Shane met Diarmuid O’Loan, the company’s planning agent, and former UUP MLA Dermot Nesbit, who is a director of Rathlin Energy at Sheskburn House on Thursday.
The Councillor was joined by Conor Mc Carry of Ballycastle Community Development Group.
Councillor Mc Shane stated:
“Fracking was only discussed for a limited period of time as we found the company had been evasive while addressing questions in the past. Instead we focused on socioeconomic issues – chief among them was job creation.
“Rathlin Energy confirmed that no major employment opportunities would present themselves and the programme of work they envisaged would not be labour intensive. In addition, drilling rigs and specialised crews would all be brought in from overseas to the Ballinlea site. Neither would the company be offering training to enhance the prospect of job creation within the local community”.
Mr. Conor Mc Carry who is currently engaged in third level environmental studies said:At Sheskburn House L-R Diarmuid O'Loan and Dermot Nesbit Rathlin Energy with Councillor Padraig Mc Shane and Mr. Conor Mc Carry.

“While discussions were limited on Fracking the company continue to insist it is a valid option. Also lower domestic energy prices could never accrue when any such commodities would be traded on the global market. I was pleased when the Company performed a volte face and confirmed as much.”
Councillor Padraig Mc Shane finished by stating:
“The meeting confirmed that very limited or possibly no jobs would be created for the local community by Rathlin Energy. In addition the Public Relations spin about cheaper energy prices can be firmly dismissed. All in all there may be no real tangible benefits for the wider community who may have to live with irreparable environmental damage”.

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