Young Professionals from Latakia, Syria share their thoughts. “U should believe that the Syrian army is protecting us”

Latakia by night

Latakia by night

In 2010 I spent almost three weeks in the Syrian Port City of Latakia. I found it easy to make friends. Many have remained close friends via social media. I asked them for their thoughts on what was happening in their country. The following is what a group of both Muslim and Christian trainee doctors had to say. A joint statement is Followed by four individuals expressing their personal views. I hope this provides a little understanding of the thinking of ordinary civilians in Syria. All are young professionals and Names have been removed for obvious reasons. One individual speaks from the city of Homs.

Palestinian Refugee Camp Latakia

Palestinian Refugee Camp Latakia

There are three sides fighting in Syria; The Syrian Army, The Free Army, and Jihadists(mainly Al Nusra Front). Each one is fighting separately against the other two…

Like the parties of the conflict, the Syrian people split between a pro-government, an anti-government and a strict islamist.

It’s difficult to tell the percentage of each side supporters as it varies between the cities and even according to religion!

What’s obvious is that Syria before 2011 was a peaceful country that was flourishing and taking steps into development when the voice of revolution raised through claiming for making those steps even bigger. But, it didn’t take long before these voices turned into weapons leaving no time for any compromises that might have pleased both pro- and antis.



Who first provided weapons is still a question that Syrians deserve to know as this turning point cost both sides a lot of blood.

It’s of common knowledge that the anti-Israeli attitude of Syrian Government doesn’t please the U.S as a main supporter of Isreal and Zionism. It won’t be a big surprise to know then that the U.S funded the Syrian Revolutionits directly or indirectly by using their power in influencing other countries’ attitudes and actions towards Syria.

From the very beginning of the Syrian revolution, all sides of life were deteriorating  one after another and the country’s infrastructures has been severly damaged.

Blood was shed, cities were ruined and people were fleed while both sides, anti and pro, were  pointing fingers. Who’s to blame is not easy to decide as it seems but it was a huge mistake that revolutionists turned it into an armed fight and sometimes even killed citizens to take



revenge. The government had to take control of what was happening, jihadists and Free Army attacks, not to reach a chaos, which sadly was reached afterall.

So it was a fight of dominance between  the Syrian Army and the Free army.

But then Jihadists came along.

Jihadist, who are mostly non-Syrians , came to Syria to fight under the name of God as his “representers” on Earth,, For them, their version of Islam is the answer and all people must obey. If you weren’t a supporter of that (by joining the religion or being already in it) you’d be killed, beheaded or cut into pieces, all under the name of God.. Christians, Allwites and other minorities are all considered to be “Kuffar” and it’s “Halal” to kill them. Massacres happened. The last one was invading the countryside of Lattakia, that has a majority of Allawite citizens, and raping and murdering hundreds of people of all ages with no mercy.

Now after all the damage that was already caused to this country, the “Peace Maker” Obama comes with a decision to bomb some Syrian sites claiming that the Syrian Government obtains chemical weapons and is using them against its people, giving no evidence to that and forgetting all the American chemically-eventful history.

Christians and Muslims worship side by side in Americano Street Latakia

Christians and Muslims worship side by side in Americano Street Latakia

No true Syrian would accept another Iraq or another Libya. It’s just stupid to believe that all that Obama is really concerned about is Syrians’ benefits and safety while it’s obvious to the naked eye that he’s just trying to protect his own intersts and to protect Israel as the Syrian president has always stood for Palestenian’s rights.

“no one knows what happening on the Syrian ground, it’s so complicated to analyse, too many players too many roles, freedom claimants, war claimants, massacres… its all already set by all countries who want Syria to change its political views about Palestine, Israel first of all… and also countries like KSA who want to destroy the syrian leadership of arabs, the intervention will harm the Syrian people, destroy Infrastructures, DESTROY ALL THE COUNTRY. Alassad is accepted by a large percentage of people from all sects, most of syrian welcome political repression instead of religion repression”

“to answer the 1st question “what is happening in Syria”i think that the situation has come to complex point where no part of the conflicting parties can be count as a winner.. However, under the circumstances that are happening on the ground (a while before the US intervention was spoken of as an option, events such as the appearance of the Islamic extremist groups) these circumstances made it obvious that the conflict is not an act of revolution against an unjust regime (maybe it was at the beginning of the conflict) rather than a part of a big international plan where the interests of the main powers in the world has come to meet in one place,, having said that, i don’t think that any honorable Syrian can say that he/she’s a pro of the inappropriate American intervention.. especially that such intervention



came after the dominance of the regime’s army of wide areas on the field, hinting to the fact that it’s another way of pressuring the regime to make compromises in the near future while still keeping the Syrian army in a from of war with the Islamic extremists who are not in the interest of American and European governments to reach a powerful place in the area.. so this intervention comes to re balance the state of “both parties wearing themselves out” that is happening now.. i would never support such an intervention in my country or any other country’s policy especially coming from a government like the US that has been known for carrying nothing but destruction and retardation to the 3rd world countries with their so called “democracy”. “

“I don’t think foreign intervention was..would be or will be helping any country or people. I oppose it and so do many of different political opinions. Internationally, it has been said over and over again that the solution must be Pure Syrian and should NOT involve military forcesand that Has NOT changed! 200 people were buried in one day in Lattakia all civilians murdered by Al nussrah so why’s not because of chemical weapons nor it’s the benefit of the opposition it’s simply what the west want… I don’t think any true Opposer would agree to get his country blown! “.
U should believe that the Syrian army is protecting us .. Hunderds of people my age or a little less or more, volunteered to join the army to help protect their country, and returned martyrs(if there was a chance to return the body),, those are not the terrorists,, u just have to see one mother crying over hear son’s tomb that contains his cut pieces or his beheaded body, only then u can feel our everyday trajedy.. a lot of shed blood&tears. And btw it’s heartbreaking when u hear ur own people think its ok for u to die only because ur christian, allwite or durzi for example.. For them ur not a “believer”, while u know God far better than they do.. Thats pathetic.. So dont blame us if u dont get ur details, its not easy to tell nor to know why the hell this blessed country reached this level of hatred and blood. Tc
*Syrian Army=official one.. Not any other
Facts on Syria

Facts on Syria



2 thoughts on “Young Professionals from Latakia, Syria share their thoughts. “U should believe that the Syrian army is protecting us”

  1. Seamus O Nuallain says:

    Fair Play Padraig, this is the truth,a scarce commodity now. As usual, the first casualty was the truth. Our media is a disgrace. Seamus

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