World Heritage Centre Hosts Palestinian Refugees.

The Visitors centre at the Giant’s Causeway is a world away from Aida, a Palestinian refugee camp near Bethlehem that houses 5000 people in an area just two hundred meters long by four hundred wide. Staff at the world heritage site on the North Antrim Coast played host to a visiting delegation of young people from the camp who performed the ‘Dabka’, a traditional Palestinian dance in front of a large audience of international visitors.

The young people all hail from the Lajee Centre (‘lajee’ means ‘refugee’ in Arabic). The Centre was established in the Refugee Camp by a group of young people who wanted to serve the community. Lajee is a community-based grassroots cultural Centre that works with young people as they continue their struggle for justice and rights for all Palestinians.

Moyle Independent Councillor Padraig Mc Shane who helped organise the visit said;

“It is important that youth from some of the most inhospitable places on earth are provided with the same cultural, educational, and social opportunities that we take for granted. We are delighted to have the delegation of youth in Moyle and thank the staff at the Causeway for their warm reception”.


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