Moyle Council Approves Move to take Tourism Leisure Facility to Design/Planning Stage


Artists Impression of Leisure Facility on Quay Road, Ballycastle

Artists Impression of Leisure Facility on Quay Road, Ballycastle

Moyle District Council is preparing details for the design and planning of a £10.5 million pound project for a Tourism and Leisure centre in Ballycastle. The Council finally agreed the provision of a local quality Leisure Centre is a frontline service priority following intense lobbying by Independent Councillor Padraig Mc Shane.

The Council will now move to place the development of the centre on the corporate plan of the new Super Council. Councillor Mc Shane who sits on the voluntary transitional committee said;

“Moyle Council for the first time has an opportunity to leave a legacy to those, who for forty years paid above average rates for minimal service. Due to the vast geographical area and small population base Moyle has never been able to match its lofty ambitions with its low financial resources. It remains the only Council area in the North without a public swimming pool.

“We have an opportunity to address this historical imbalance now and the chance must be seized upon by Councillors. If Council applies £140,000 for design and planning we can bring forward a project that is ready to obtain funding from central government and start developing as we enter the Causeway Coast and Glens super council.

“The people of Moyle deserve the facilities enjoyed in other areas of our new super council. We can not expect residents here to fork out for state of the art leisure facilities in Limavady, Ballymoney and Coleraine while they do not enjoy the same here. It is also strategically important for the funture development of our local Tourism industry.”


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