Closure of Rathmoyle; “Testament to the implementation of Tory policy in the North”.

Cllr Padraig McShane at the Rathmoyle Home and Rathmoyle Resource Centre in Ballycastle. PICTURE KEVIN MCAULEY PHOTOGRAPHY MULTIMEDIA

Cllr Padraig McShane at the Rathmoyle Home and Rathmoyle Resource Centre in Ballycastle. PICTURE KEVIN MCAULEY PHOTOGRAPHY MULTIMEDIA

Independent Moyle Councillor, Padraig Mc Shane, has claimed that the five party executive have consistently and comprehensively failed the people of Moyle. He was speaking after confirmation from the Northern Health and Social Care Trust that Rathmoyle Residential Care Home would close.

Councillor Mc Shane raised claims  in 2009 during a consultation exercise on the future of Residential Care in the Northern Trust. At the time the Councillor stated the consultation was only;
“An exercise in placating a system that would ensure the closure of both Rathmoyle Care home and the Rathmoyle day care facilities”.
The Councillor said,
“Today we have a form of regional government run by all five parties together. They set the budgets for each portfolio including Health. With each local Health Trust being forced by the Executive to find savings (in the Northern Trust it was £44 million between 2008-11) all parties bear greatest responsibility for the demise of public health care in Moyle.
“Throughout the District we have twelve MLA’s from all the major parties. Not one has raised a finger to stop the onslaught of cuts to health care provision in the District. They are powerless as their party colleagues in the Executive set the budgets together. Instead we are presented with sham fights in an attempt to appease an apprehensive public”.
“The Executive has become a ‘monolith’ with no effective accountability. Moyle on Health alone has lost the x-ray facility in Dalriada, Rathmoyle Residential Home, Rathmoyle Day Care facilities are under serious threat and will meet the same fate and of course the M.S. respite facility in Ballycastle is to close. Political representatives from the main parties will bemoan these losses but given their direct input to these closures it is an exercise in futility.
“The Glens has also taken a hammering with ambulance provision being attacked, Glenmona adult day care being reduced and both Ballycastle and Cushendall have Fire Stations remain, unfit for purpose.”
The failure to secure fiscal powers from Westminster only helped to compound the effects of the Tory welfare cuts according to Councillor Mc Shane.
He continued;
“The Executive have failed the people of the North and continue to force welfare reforms on behalf of the Tory government.  They have also failed to arrest the decline in the levels of subvention on top of failing to gain control of fiscal powers for the North.
“Ironically the fact that the Executive accepted a five thousand pound pay rise for each MLA while failing the public so miserably is testament to the implementation of Tory policy in the North.

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