Modest Figure for Rescue of Farming Industry!

IMG_4265An Independent Councillor in Moyle has called on DARD to remember that livestock farmers were not the only ones to suffer in the recent bad weather. 

“Potato and vegetable farmers are in line for massive losses and should also be entitled to hardship funding”, claimed Councillor Padraig Mc Shane. 

The Councillor was speaking following the announcement that a proposed rescue package of £5m for farmers whose livelihoods have been badly affected by adverse weather has been agreed on by Stormont ministers.

Potato Farmers Among the Hardest Hit.

Potato Farmers Among the Hardest Hit.

“At this stage it is impossible to quantify the losses to the farming community and five million seems like a modest figure considering the damage inflicted in the last week. Farm buildings along with livestock losses, the cost of disposal as well as additional costs to other farming sectors could run to that figure in the North Antrim area alone. jimmy6

“If farmers are not properly compensated for their losses we could witness entire communities who rely on agriculture going out of business. Several farmers in the last number of days have voiced their concern to me that they feel this is the end”, stated the Independent Councillor.



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