DRD Penny Pinching Fails Many in the Glens!!

Ivan Lynn & Son Torr Road

Ivan Lynn & Son Torr Road

The Department of Regional Development and Road Service, according to an Independent Councillor in Moyle, have failed the people of the Glens of Antrim. Padraig Mc Shane said entire communities had been abandoned due to penny pinching.

The Independent Councillor fought ‘running battles’ with Road Service personal in Coleraine in an attempt to task more private contractors to the area.

Ballyvennaght Rd

Ballyvennaght Rd

“I had several local contractors with heavy plant in the vicinity ready to go into action. Both they and I awaited the call to alleviate the very real suffering of people in numerous locations who still remain trapped with out electricity, heat and basic essentials.

“Those contractors did immense work already clearing roads to allow emergency services access to those injured during the crisis.

Greenans Rd Wall of Snow

Greenans Rd Wall of Snow

“Road Service informed me that a decision would not be made to task the contractors until Monday morning at the earliest. I would have thought in an emergency crisis like this we would be tasking all available resources but it seems penny pinching and budgets are a priority over the safety of some of the most vulnerable in our community”.

A clearly frustrated Councillor Mc Shane hit out at both the DRD and DARD Ministers asking “Are they on sabbatical?”

“No one seems capable of making decisions on the ground. Ballyvennaght, Greenans, Fairhead and numerous other areas are yet to get help while the Torr area is only starting to get support today.

“Farmers all over the Glens have received no support.

“I want to commend those who have worked round the clock to help but they have not received the support they deserved.”


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