Lammas Fair Horse Meat and IRA

untitled‘850 Horses were imported from France and sold at the Auld Lammas Fair. Later they were transported to Armagh. A makeshift slaughter house was discovered by Customs/Police. By that stage, the meat had all gone’

The extraordinary claims are from the king of the Jackanory, Willie Frazer.

Following the horse meat contamination in burgers scandal, Frazer gave an interview to a paper in Dublin claiming horse meat had actually been introduced to the food chain by the IRA five years before the scandal broke. He also claimed that republicans were behind

“old fat cows that are 30 months old being sold for food before adding that a blind eye has been turned to it and that this is the kind of thing that’s going on that we’re sick of”.

However Frazer has yet to produce any evidence backing this claim, nor was any reported at the aforementioned time.

But its not the first time Willie has attempted to break the next big story.

In May 2012, In St. Patricks school Donaghmore the Italian flag was flying as part of a cultural event. Willie spotted it and mistook it for the Irish Tri-colour.
Frazer claimed the school was a breeding ground for the IRA and stated publicly;

“I wonder do they also train the children in how to use weapons, for it seems they canstpatricksdonaghmore_17052012 do what they want.”

Concerned for the safety of the pupils and the school’s reputation teachers informed the Police.

For a brief period, Frazer ran “The Spot”, a nightclub in Tandragee, County Armagh, which closed down after two Protestant civilians, Andrew Robb and David McIlwaine, who had been in the club were stabbed to death in February 2000 by the Ulster Volunteer Force

Frazer is a comedy act, but a dangerous one if taken seriously. Unfortunately he has a tendency to expose not only his sectarian nature but his racist attitudes also.

His defense of security force collusion with loyalist paramilitaries in an interview with Susan McKay indicates his racism:

“If you were in the UDR and your brother was shot, are you telling me you wouldn’t pass information on to loyalists? … See if a Paki comes from India and kills a Provo? I’m going to shake his hand”.

In September 2010 the SEUPB revoked all funding to FAIR, Willies playgroup (more than £800,000 over three years) due to “major failures in the organisation’s ability to adhere to the conditions associated with its funding allocation” uncovered following a “thorough audit” of the tendering and administration procedures used by FAIR.

Willie needs to concentrate on his own affairs before poking his nose in others.

Finally, Willie’s evidence on the Lammas Fair story;

“All people need to do ref this horse meat, is to check out if DARD CIS had been ask to look into a big sale going down in ballycastle in 2010”

I am just wondering how 850 horses got down Fairhill Street and 250,000 people spotted only 50.


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