Good Relations – Film Night


The Council’s promotion of good relations continues unabated throughout Moyle, the District that enjoys the best relations of the 26 Council areas. With a busy calendar ahead and a promising programme to roll out to the community leadership I thought I would take time out to promote this little lot………..

“Tapestry of Colours”

The screening of the acclaimed cultural diversity film will be shown in the Bushmills Inn on Tuesday 26th February. This will be the first screening of the feature length in the Moyle area, after which attendees will have an opportunity to have their say during a Q&A session with the film’s director Zhenia Mahdi-Nau.

Exploring cultural diversity in the North, this acclaimed film is set against a colourful background of unusual festivals and music Personal and moving interviews with individuals from many diverse backgrounds. The film to date has enjoyed strong opinions.Colouring_pencils

Because spaces are limited, booking is essential. Allocated on a first come first serve basis! Should any groups wish to host a viewing support will be available from the Moyle Good Relations Grant Aid Programme.

To book your place please telephone the Development Dept. at Moyle District Council on (028)20762225 or email

Requests to be received no later than Monday 18th February.


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