Derwyn’s Theory……..According to Brewster!

Derwyn Brewster on what could have beenYou just got to feel for Derwyn Brewster.

 The failed Independent Canditate for the Causeway Ward of Moyle District Council elections in 2011 has tried his best to keep himself relevant in local political affairs. When I say failed, let me spell it out. Even the TUV beat him with only 164 votes. This after the Brew-mister boasted that he would ‘top the poll in the Causeway Ward’. Embarassing?????? I should say so!

Now I know the lad and have met and conversed with him at several community events in the District. He enjoys positions on several groups in the Bushmills area including Bushmills Residents and Environmental Forum and a Director of Bushmills Ulster Scots Heritage. He also helped Playing old soldier at the Covenantset up Bushmills Village Forum and he is the Secretary of Bushmills Children & Young Peoples Services as well as a director  in the Bushmills Trust.(Info 2011)

Forgive my flippant nature with names but when I get to know people I usually like to lend them a nice catchy appellation that brings a genuinely discriptive meaning! I like meeting new people and the ‘Brew-mister’ was no different. A joval character but in my honest, he was not going to be the next President of the local Golf Club if you catch my drift.

His latest thoughts on the flags issue. Now take a seat. This is going to be educationally enlightening and of course you the reader will marvel at the advancing of community relations in the District of Moyle;Illegally blocking roads

“With years of building friendships and relationships shattered in one crazy decision I would call on Moyle District Council to show leadership to try and repair some of the damage by flying the union flag on all public buildings in Moyle”. (Derwyn Brewster, Coleraine Chronicle)

Now, I told you. But what Derwyn knows well is no flags have every flown from public buildings in Moyle. Everyone was secure in their identities and happy in the knowledge that respect for one and other’s identities has served the District well. Maybe my old buddy the Brew-mister struggles with his identity – but which part? Moyle will not fly a flag over any public building giving everyone in the District the opportunity to adopt the identities they choose while feeling part of the District.

The Brew-mister must  be taken with a pinch of salt. The lad is just about smart enough to avoid being confused with Willie Frazer. But he carrys clout in someone’s eyes. In fact, quite

a lot by the looks of things.Brewster takes his place alongside Billy Mc Farland, the UDA Brigadeir, in Dublin to meet the Queen

Some of you may remember the Queen of England spent a few days in Dublin a while back. Down to greet her wandered the Brigediers of the UDA. Each of them were allowed to bring a guest. Our local lad, the Mexican, took a partner/guest. Would you believe me if I told you it was the Brew-mister. I guess its  been for all his community work!


5 thoughts on “Derwyn’s Theory……..According to Brewster!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just a couple of corrections in what was otherwise a fairly eloquent viewpoint -The Queen is the Queen of the UK and Commonwealth which includes Northern Ireland, not just Queen of England. Brigadiers is spelt with an a in the middle, not Brigediers.

  2. rhona says:

    why the you feel the need to attack people?

  3. MoyleSoviet says:

    Thank you for your comments Rhona. I can assure you that if Mr.Brewster wishes to make public comments to he detriment of community relations in Moyle I will be obliged to question. His approximation regarding the flying of flags in Moyle was unhealthy for a District that enjoys the best relations in the North. Furthermore, his association or perceived association – I am not accusing the man of anything – does raise unpalatable questions for us all. Like, who in fact is asking poor Darwyn to make such hare-brained, immature, nit-witted and downright dippy statements? I am not sure if he is acquainted with current legislation but a call like Darwyn’s (lets just say it was his idea for now) could lead to the flying of the Union flag on the top of Moyle District Council Offices in Ballycastle – alongside the National Flag of Ireland. Would Darwyn be ok calling for the tri-colour to be hoisted over the Council? He could proudly boast that he was the first person to call for the flying of the Tri-colour over a Council Office in the North. It only takes a majority vote! Or we could all just leave well alone and forget the flag waving as we have done for 40 years. Your thoughts Rhona!

    • Derwyn ( brew-mister ) Brewster says:

      Well well well! looks like we will be flying the flag on public buildings in Moyle after all 🇬🇧

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