73 Year Old Evicted from Rathmoyle

Mr. Danny McNeill outside Rathmoyle Residential Care Home.
Mr. Danny McNeill outside Rathmoyle Residential Care Home
The son of an elderly resident in Rathmoyle Care Home in Ballycastle has called for the retention of the facility and the service following the forced eviction of his 73 year old mother.
Danny McNeill who lives in Ballycastle said his mother requires assistance for mild mental health issues but does not require the full time care of a Nursing Home environment.
“My mother has seen a vast transformation in her health due to her respite in the wonderful surroundings of Rathmoyle. Her removal will see a regression in her health and it is devastating for us a family to watch.
“My mother, due to the uncertain future of Rathmoyle, is only allowed six weeks respite care with no admissions for full time residential support. It is people of my parents’ generation who worked and paid their taxes to provide facilities like Rathmoyle. We as a family feel let down by the same system that now fails those individuals today”.
Mr. McNeill continued;
“We are concerned that the Northern Health and Social Care Trust (NHSCT) are removing options of care from my mother and forcing her out of Ballycastle and into a full time Nursing Care environment. The family has taken professional advice and we have been told that the best option for our mother would be to remain in Rathmoyle Residential Care setting”.
Moyle Independent Councillor, Padraig Mc Shane, has been acting for Mrs. McNeill at the request of the family.
He stated;
“I have contacted the NHSCT several times but unfortunately to date they have failed to respond. The family are aware of the demise of Rathmoyle but both they and I fail to understand why admissions are being refused while it is still there to provide a service.
“The family have asked me to stress how highly they regard the staff, clients and their families that make up the Rathmoyle Community.

“The McNeill family provide us with an insight into the human suffering at the demise of the facility. Somewhere this suffering tends to get lost in the search for greater efficiencies and cost savings”.


5 thoughts on “73 Year Old Evicted from Rathmoyle

  1. rhona says:

    This is very sad 😦

    • MoyleSoviet says:

      This Rhona, is tragic. When we argue about a flag, it suits those who want to make sure we don’t see this. Don’t question this or do anything to counter these actions. I feel instead of protests of issues as trivial as flags we should all come together and protest the treatment of our senior citizens.

  2. rhona says:

    Have you heard anything more about this case? is this lady still in Rathmoyle? it is very tragic story cannot begin to imagine how the family must feel..

  3. rhona says:

    yes it will be very different…

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