Bushmills; Politics & Protestors


Thugs are organising another ‘Peaceful’ protest in Moyle – this time in Bushmills. They will enjoy surprisingly little support in the village that is almost completely Unionist.

The protest between the hours of 7pm – 8pm on Thursday evening will almost certainly witness the blocking of roads. It creates a large measure of excitment among a small minority in the village that prides itself on being the Gateway to the Giant’s Causeway.

No other village in the North enjoys the potential that exists in Bushmills. Less than two miles from the World Heritage site and the 750,000 visitors annually, plus the oldest distillery in the world, Bushmills, which provides tours for over 120,000 individuals per annum.

Small businesses continue to attempt to improve the streetscape but face an age old battle in the village with those who put flags and emblems before community development. I have spoken with business owners in the village who are all to aware of the impact of graffitti, flags and street festooning that ensures at least 50% of people who would consider engaging the local commerce drive on and spend in another town.

Unionist Colleagues in Council continue to put the flags protest ahead of the development of the village. For 45 minutes on Monday night an argument ensued on the merit of reading aloud a statement handed to the Chairman on the need for a flag to be flown on a building some 55 miles away.

It took less time to explain that a redevelopment project of some £400,000 would fail due to a damming economic appraisal & shoddy business case for the old library in Bushmills.  No fight just bitter allegations from some old Councillors who are living proof of that old adage; Wrap a donkey in a flag and the donkey will get elected.

The numbers at the protest in Bushmills will exceed the numbers in Mosside on Monday night but it will largely be the same sorry individuals bussed around to somehow fool themselves into thinking they enjoy large amounts of support. Those who work to develop the village will continue to be at the mercy of these protestors who not only enjoy the support of the local elected representitives but continue to set their agendas accordingly.


4 thoughts on “Bushmills; Politics & Protestors

  1. Gavin Greer says:

    While I certainly agree that these protests (be it peaceful or otherwise) are damaging to the community I do however find it rather shocking that you are calling them thugs. Accusations and presumptions such as this do nothing but conjure up negative connotations and only serve to fuel the fire of political unrest.

    Surely you should wait to see what sort of protest materialises before you start labelling people in this way.

    • MoyleSoviet says:

      I pondered the use of the word thug beforehand. I think your point is well made and I wonder is the word itself redundant or off limits to elected reps. Then I research who and what is behind the protests. Trevor Scott has posted on Willie Frazer’s FB page requesting support for Bushmills protest and commenting on Mosside he says, “Protest in mosside road blocked police are here and are letting us to get on with the protest”. Is blocking the roads thuggish? Trevor in his own form of English posts the following in response to why the protestors had their faces covered during a protest at Moyle Council Offices in December;
      “Or a nite out when they always come in by bus loads nd us standin there with a couple of are m8s on a nite out nd them recognised us nd then try to kick r heads in thats why not that i give a fuck cos ill kick the shit out o them to or sliced an nice them haha cos watp ns”.
      You may wish to read the quote a few times but I think you will agree that the term thug is suitable in this instance. A number of those who have agreed to attend the protests use similar descriptive language. I welcome your comment Gavin but I think the term thug, it could be argued, is going easy on the likes of the protestors locally never mind those who engage in running riots, hyjacking, attempted murder et al. My point in writing this article is simple; those who want to be ‘street heros’ in Bushmills should take on board the damage they inflict on the image of the village and begin to wise up.

      • Gavin Greer says:

        Yeah fair point!

        Since all this began I have wondered if these protesters/rioters spend much time in the polling booths! It would be interesting to see voting demographics from the areas with the most trouble.

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