Mosside Loyalist Protest designed to Intimidate

Earlier Loyalist protest attended by masked individuals at Moyle District Council

Earlier Loyalist protest attended by masked individuals at Moyle District Council

A local Councillor has said the blocking of roads in Moyle was the latest attempt to intimidate and spread fear in the community. Independent Councillor Padraig Mc Shane was speaking following another flag protest, this time in the village of Mosside.

The protest on Monday night numbered some forty people accompanied by a light Police presence.

Councillor Mc Shane said;

“I have been contacted by several individuals who shared views ranging from anger to fear at the sight of what they believe are thugs taking charge of the street while the Police stand by.

“The blocking of a main arterial road is not only wrong but illegal. I will be pushing for arrests of those who are attempting to service their egos over and above allowing people to get on with their lives. The community in Moyle should not and will not be held to ransom.

“Moyle enjoys excellent community relations and attempts to undermine those relations will only end in failure. Moyle will continue with its current flags policy on its property and the Council continues to act with the interests of all to the fore.

Another flag protest has been planned for Bushmills on Thursday and Councillor Mc Shane has warned both residents and those passing through to be mindful of the protesters motives.


One thought on “Mosside Loyalist Protest designed to Intimidate

  1. Concerned resident says:

    It doesn’t surprise me in the least that the police stood back and watched when the had the protest in ballycastle a mile from the altananam estate it’s amazing as to why the police surrounded the estate for an hour and came in intimidating people and tryi g to beat up teenagers

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