Ballycatle Town Service Restored

Translink Ballycastle

Translink Ballycastle

Translink have reinstated the full Ballycastle Town Bus Service following numerous complaints last week. The transport authority had withdrawn some routes without notice in the Town.
Independent Councillor Padraig Mc Shane was contacted by many residents and the local Over 55’s Club whom he described as ‘prolific users’.
He stated;
“I contacted the Service Delivery Manager in Coleraine stressing the need to keep the Bus. Although these services were under review, the changes should not be made without proper consultation. While the situation remains under review I am pleased the Manager has seen the benefits of reinstating the full service immediately.”
The Councillor sits on a local action group that looks at transport issues and went on to stress the importance of good transport links in rural communities;
“It is clear that transport plays an important part in rural development. A good transport network allows local communities to access opportunities and necessities that enhance their lives. Locally here it is used to connect the communities with local commerce, education, employment and health and welfare facilities. We should be working to enhance and promote public transport rather than spending most of our time fighting to retain the limited service we currently have”.

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