Councillor and UDA Organising Protest?

Loyalists to Protest Moyle District Council

Loyalists to Protest Moyle District Council

Jamie Mc Cooke, the architect of the Moyle District Council protest on Monday night seems to be a nice chap.

Likes on his facebook include

Friends include two stand-up Gentleman (comedians) in the capricious Willie Fraizer and the ridiculous Jim Allister.

Jamie Mc Cooke who attended Ballycastle High School (Let that comment be no reflection on the school or anyone who works, teaches or attends the fine institution) and resides in the village of Liscolman sheds some fine words of wisdom on his ambitions for Monday night;


Jamie’s call to date has 18 likes. Its not earth shattering stuff really. He goes on to say;

“i think we should go for it. it would be a bad job if we couldnt get a least 100 loyalist outa the likes of dervock bushmills mosside armoy stranocum”.

Apart from not knowing if the ‘caps lock’ is on or off while typing Jamie imparts some more wisdom on the current situation;

“we cant parade and now we cant fly the flag on city hall some shared future bring down the good friday agreement to fuck this country now an ira run state”.

But it turns out Jamie is only the front for the protest. Loyalist Paramilitaries are calling people onto the streets all over the North. The local UDA bomber named after the central belts of the Americas’ has informed his raggle-tag of vagrants to attend following the supposititious input from the Red Baron Councillor. If this is the case, and my source is excellent (from the horse’s mouth so to speak) it highlights a sitting Councillor in Moyle attempting to stir up sectarian tensions again. He shall fail as he did last year in Bushmills. Ballycastle is one community, rather than two living side by side.

nb,  No inference should be drawn from this post that may discredit or degrade Jamie Mc Cooke. His actions to date only indicate an attempt at peaceful protest. Neither should any relationship be drawn with anyone else or any other organisation in this post. Anything in quotation is Jamie’s own words on the Social Media site, Facebook.


24 thoughts on “Councillor and UDA Organising Protest?

  1. Ryan says:

    what about SF and SDLP stiring up tensions on the union flag, you have seemed to have missed that bit

  2. Joe says:

    What about the fact that unionists signed up to the GFA but now wont abide by democracy?
    You have to learn to share the place Ryan..

  3. Rosie says:

    McShane stirring trouble again, thinking he knows it all..

    • son of erin says:

      rosie think about that one,now loyalists are coming into a catholic town to stir up trouble,mc cooke from liscolmans words not mine,flag is removed from city hall,why not go there??? so take of yer blinkers and tell me again who is stirring trouble????

  4. micheal says:

    You know what the only thing that has changed here is the boys at the top everthing has stayed the same and will do for a very very long time i hope they keep rioting or (protesting) as they call it, lets the world see we havent changed and with happening with clintion over must be embrassing .

    • damien mccook says:

      mcshane is just a lonely wee boy down there,, when his drugs dry up, he will be a the rest of the blow ins that follow him.

  5. son of erin says:

    mc cook your a sectarain bigot,why come to ballycastle with your loyalist friends and flags??? the butchers apron was taken down on city hall so why not go there??? bigot uneducated two words for you scum bag

  6. Rosie says:

    The protest is at MDC as Moyle consists of more than just Ballycastle. The protest is not about Ballycastle residents! ”loyalists coming into a catholic town to stir up trouble” was never quoted from Jamie McCooke, ‘stirring trouble’ statements only ever came from McShane. Maybe it would fit McShane better if he would show leadership instead of stirring to create tension.

    • son of eire says:

      Rosie moyle has f.all to do way the butchers apron coming down on city hall,why don’t you go up there or you to scared

  7. Joe says:

    Rosie daraling,
    the people creating tension are the loyalists who are burning peoples offices, issuing death threats and fighting your own “crown forces”.
    Now you think you are gonna come into a peaceful town with your hatred..
    Youse are scum… The dregs of society.. Shameless wouldn’t be in it..
    Isnt that right Damien McCooke, get the buckfast in, Up the National Front, C18….
    ####### backward cavemen from Liscolman and Dervock hahahahah
    You forgot about the GFA lads…

  8. damien mccook says:

    Least I no were am from joe… were did u get blown in from… probably burned out of the falls for stealin. like the rest of the rats that has moved in an caused trouble week after week in the town. use are scum. mcshane is scum.. c u tomorrow nite…;) keep the peace..

  9. Joe says:

    haha Damien Mc Cooke
    I was born and rared on the north coast..
    So you are wrong, but it seems I was right about loyalists like yourself being illiterate.

    Have fun on your own with your wee pointless protest.
    The butchers aprons is down and it is not coming back no matter what you knuckle-draggers do. I look forward to seeing the tricolour flying over city hall in the near future ..
    Youse are yesterdays men. Get over your wee tantrum and face up to reality…

  10. damien mccook says:

    talks cheap…… i would doubt if u were born an rared in reb land. but if u were ,well we all have r problems. bring your jack up with u tomorrow nite an fight for your giro that youse are so proud to lift every fortnight ..xx

    • son of eire says:

      Everyone knows who mc cook from liscolman is an what the tramp is up to,piece of worthless s###

      • Annon says:

        McCooke isn’t FROM Liscolman, he just lives here. He is FROM Armoy. Stop associating the quiet village of Liscolman that has nothing to this with all this crap.

  11. Joe says:

    Aye and your made in china union jacks are even cheaper..
    Enjoy your protest..
    The scummy butchers apron is down and it is not coming back..
    Away and cry to your mammy about it… oh wait she’s giving me a ####### but says she’ll be home shortly to tuck you in…

  12. Joe says:

    Oh aye and fully self employed and paying my tax to Dublin while living in Antrim Damien McCooke.
    Get it up ye!!

  13. MoyleSoviet says:

    Please feel free to engage in healthy debate but remember its only a discussion and no profanities please.

  14. Lee watterson says:

    Myself a protestant, born and raised in ballycastle, my personal thoughts and issues aside, the fact of the matter is the flag. A power sharing government was set in place and voted in by the people of the north of Ireland to live in some kind of sustained peace. Bringing down a flag does not show that a so called country is losing any kind of identity or respect. It simply shows how far the power sharing government and the people of the north have come and willing to go to live in some kind of normality. Compromise like anything new has to be given a chance. Debating, arguing, hi jacking or rioting does not make the ordanairy man richer nor make jobs for the unemployed. At this time I feel that is more important, at a time of peace and good will to all men (Christmas). A question to the protesters if I may, do you vote? Do you care more on jobs unemployment health care than a flag? Do you find it heart warmingly rich and happy to burn another nations flag when clearly it has nothing to do with that other nation and attack your own parties. I feel a lot of questions are falling on deaf ears or perhaps the people do not have the intelligence to answer, as they are quicker to riot and harm than to give foundation or reason to the thuggery like behaviour. Many seek the rulers favour, but mans judgement commeth from god. (Proverbs) merry Christmas to one and all..

  15. MoyleSoviet says:

    Fair play lad and thanks for the comment. Merry Christmas & Peace

  16. lenny says:

    It could be said that maybe jimmy mc cooke and his wife Rosemary (rosie)should try putting public relations right within the community that they live,after the questionable running of this association and its accounts rather than causing upset within another community

  17. son of erin says:

    well said Lenny,i have been talking with a few of jimmy and rosies neighbours and they addmit there not the brightest pair out of Liscolman lol

  18. conman says:

    what a build up only to be let down ! I went down to see all the loyalists coming into Ballycastle to protest, there was only 60 of them, thats nearly as bad as the 20 that turned out in Derry yesterday ! and Saturday in Belfast there was only about 600 and not 2000 as reported on the news I was there they must have been counting in the shoppers aswell ! Jamie – did any of your teachers ever write on your school report – ‘MUST TRY HARDER’?

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