Loyalists Threaten Moyle D.C.

An Independent Republican Councillor in Moyle has warned a Loyalist Mob to stay away from a meeting of Moyle District Council on Monday night after the discovery of a Facebook campaign to target the Local Government Authority.

The social network page calls ‘All Loyalists to a peaceful protest at Moyle Council Offices’ and asks them to be there at 6.30pm sharp. It follows similar Facebook campaigns that have witnessed peaceful protests turn violent in Belfast, Carrickfergus Ballymena and Bangor.

It also states; “Please attend to show your support as you know Ballycastle is a Republican town”, and finishes, “Please bring plenty of union jacks”.

Councillor Padraig Mc Shane stated;

“Moyle has had a ‘No flags’ policy since 1972. The need to wrap ourselves in the flag in a Nationalist Council has failed to manifest itself in the past and it does not lend itself to the insecurities we are witnessing ravishing Loyalist communities at the minute. 

“Proud unrepentant Republicans in Moyle are secure in their identities and are leaders in the field of genuine community relations. I would counsel Loyalists to consider for once the impact of their actions.

Councillor Mc Shane finished by stating;

“The fact that Moyle has no Alliance Councillors and fly’s no flags leads local observers to conclude  the protests are of a sectarian nature.


“I realise the potential for trouble and while the mob is leaderless I would call on those who control them within Unionism to call a halt to the violent protests immediately.”


23 thoughts on “Loyalists Threaten Moyle D.C.

  1. Joe says:

    Needed to be said.
    Loyalist bullying has to stop…

  2. Jamie says:

    “Moyle has had a ‘No flags’ policy since 1972!” Well get the FLAGS in STROANSHESK PARK DOWN ! “The fact that Moyle has no Alliance Councillors and fly’s no flags” . . . LIES ! AGAIN STROANSHESK PARK HAVE 3 AT THE PRESENT MOMENT !

    • MoyleSoviet says:

      Are you the Jamie that has led the charge to organise the protest? Don’t be shy. Lets debate Jamie.

      • Jamie says:

        No i defiantly am not i just think its funny stating things like flag free when there are sectarian flags flying in a local estate in ballycastle when all the flags where removed from Altananam ,but i do not agree to the protest happening, i just think there should be give and take on both sides and that there should be NO FLAGS IN BALLYCASTLE if its supposed to be no flag policy since 1972!

        • MoyleSoviet says:

          Its Council Policy since 1972…..That means, no flags from Council property. That after all is what all the protests are about………..What flys on a Council building.

  3. biggerpicture says:

    am sure the good people of ballycastle cant wait for these loyalist neanderthals dragging their knuckles around ballycastle

  4. No surrender! says:

    plenty of big men talking s### on here! but really who is going to stop us?

    • MoyleSoviet says:

      No surrender! Why hide your name? Your more than welcome to the debate and do add comment as you see fit. May I request you cease your use of profanity!

      Can you tell me the reason for coming to Ballycastle to protest?
      What aims and objectives do you have?
      Is it your intention to remain peaceful throughout the protest.
      Would you like hospitality-teas, scones etc?

      I should like to meet with you and discuss in a reasonable manner all that may be creating this angst. I will make myself available to address your gathering/protest if you wish. May I request that you give me prior warning should I have to facilitate anything as my time is precious?
      Kind regards,
      Cllr. Padraig Mc Shane

    • Conor says:

      Are you Mr McCooke who was organising the protest…..what do you hope to gain from a democratic decision that happened in BELFAST….which has nothing to do with Moyle district or council….all I see is that you and the rest of your bigots, want to come down and flex your muscles….and show a….. look at us we can come into BC and wave a few flags for an hour….you know what….this is a great wee town, which is very cross community and very tolerant….we don’t need you or the rest of you knuckle draggers coming down trying to force your bigotry down here……away and wreck Tigers Bay

  5. Jamie says:

    Well i take your word for it but i still think that the flags in Stroanshesk Park should be removed just like the ones in Altananam so there are NO flags in Ballycastle

    • Conor says:

      What part of there is no flags in Altananam did you not get…..you take down all the flags in Armoy, Bushmills, Mosside etc then

  6. Conor says:

    I live in Broombeg, which is at the bottom of Altananam and I can assure you there are no flags flying here. Loyalist/Unionist towns are decked out in red, white and blue, kerbs painted etc nearly 12 months of the year…..I have spoken to many tourists who have visited all around the N coast and what they tell you is the likes of Bushmills, Mosside etc, they find it intimidating….there may be one flag flying in Stroanshesk…..i don’t live up there, but there is thousands of Union flags all over the North of Ireland and hundreds around N Antrim towns……Would you object Jamie to the Union flag going back up with the Irish Tri-Colour beside it….I wouldn’t….this is supposed to be a shared future….i don’t see much sharing from the Loyalist community….the same community who ripped down Ulster Scots signs, because they thought they were written in Gaelic.

    • Jamie says:

      I Have no objections to that its just the fact that the only flags flying in ballycastle are republican flags in stroanshesk park for example the “STARRY PLOUGH FLAG” Which is flying beside a tri-color. And i totally agree its a shared future which is why i think there should be no flags in ballycastle at all !

  7. Conor says:

    Jamie, what do you hope to gain from a decision that at the end of the day was a democratic decision that happened in BELFAST, not in Moyle?

  8. Conor says:

    Then take down all the flags in Armoy etc then….I could say they are sectarian flags too. I went to the Armoy road races recently….something MDC heavily backs and puts alot of money into. I had a friend over from Scotland who is a big Rangers fan ( I Don’t hold that against him), he said to me….what the fuck is the craic with this town….is the Queen coming….I said you’d think so…she must come every week…..on the weekend of the races, Armoy should take the flags down for promotion reasons if nothing else. Jamie do you think the Tri-colour should fly along side the Union flag….and if not why not?

    • Jamie says:

      Yeah i agree that the tri-colour should fly along side the union flag but im not really hoping to gain anything from this at the end of the day. There has been alot of trouble over the flags, especially in stroanshesk park and the issue has been raised before about having them removed and personally i think they should be but this is all my opinion and im just getting my view on things heard out there.

  9. Conor says:

    The Union Jack flies at your old school, BC high school on select days does it not Jamie….the Tri-Colour does not fly at CPC

  10. Jamie says:

    I went to the Star of the Sea

  11. Conor says:

    Sorry Jamie, no offence intended for mixing up for where you were educated….If the couple of flags were to be removed from Stronshesk, what is the chances of removing all the Brittish flags after the marching season from Armoy etc then during the summer and not when they turn into rags….if you ask me, your trying to be offended. Personally I don’t see the need to fly flags in each others faces…….altho i am still waiting to see a St Paddy’s day parade in Bushmills….tell me why that will never happen Jamie?

  12. Conor says:

    Jamie, do you live in BC?….I am very willing to meet you for a pint and have a discussion about all of this.

  13. Jamie says:

    Well . . . This is just my thoughts but to be quite honest i am only interested in where i live in Ballycastle but i understand all the issues with flags e.t.c and think there should be more done to sort out all this stupid carry on in Northern Ireland

  14. Stevie Brown says:

    rite the union jack is a British flag and the Tri colour is the southern flag we live in the 6 counties know as northern irland are ulster so y do we not fly the ulster flag aah i know y because it is also knowing as a loylist flag so y does the country not make a new flag that both sides agree with.Second flags in the north are flowing to mark Territory and nothing else well ballycastle is and all ways been a mixed town with people helping each orther it used to be a family seaside town were the local people in the town made money of the summer trade now we are more geared up for the drunks and twats who never seen the troubles trying to make ballycastle into some thing its not i live in stroanshesk and im a old republican and im sad at the way seize fire twats are trying to drag us back in time most of the protesters were in nappy’s when the people on both sides suffered in the troubles take all flags down STOP marking towns/estates/buildings Catholic or Protestant/ republican/Loyalist and start marking ballycastle a family seaside town again were people from near and far want to come [ rant over good nite and may ur god go with u ]

  15. Conor says:

    I really didn’t mean that in a threatning way….as I can assure you I am not like that….if you want to meet and discuss how things in BC are offending you I am very willing to listen.

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