Rathmoyle and the Search for the Truth

Rathmoyle Ballycastle

Rathmoyle Ballycastle

Independent Councillor Padraig Mc Shane called a meeting with staff, careers and clients of Rathmoyle Day Centre last week to have an in depth look at exactly what information was being passed to the individual groups concerning the futre of same.
Councillor Mc Shane said;
“We looked at several themes and several strands of care from the Rathmoyle Day Centre, Sheskburn Day Centre, The Base and also the Rathmoyle Residential Home.
“What has become clear is that talks have taken place between the Trust and others, strategically placed, who the Trust seem to be using to sell a flawed care package. At no time has those in Rathmoyle been afforded the same level of information as that being passed to politicians. In short, the Trust are behaving despicably once again to those they are paid to protect.
“We have set up a group tasked with trying to ascertain exactly what the Trust’s plans are going forward. The Clients at Rathmoyle have made it clear they have no ambition to be broken up or have their services downgraded. The information from the Northern Health & Social Care Trust can best be described as ‘smoke and mirrors’.

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