Mc Shane Calls for Removal of Orange Hall :)

“Dole Office…. Certainly redundant”

A Local Councillor in Ballycastle has challenged what he described as the “Forked tongue of the Orange Order” after the Order’s press release on the raising of the tri-colour on a Hall in the town.

The erection of the Irish tricolour in Ballycastle County Antrim has been condemned by the Orange Order as a “cheap sectarian stunt“.

But Councillor Padraig Mc Shane said,

“Well really, it’s a bit rich! What next? The Klan to celebrate the emancipation of slaves?  The Orange Order can not pontificate on sectarian stunts without giving themselves a poke in the eye. They have engaged in stunts themselves for a number of years with sectarian parading etc.”

The flag was attached to a pole at Ramoan Orange Hall in Ballycastle overnight on Monday but was subsequently removed.

Condemning the incident, an Orangeman said the “cowardly perpetrators” had carried out the act “under the cover of darkness“.

Independent Councillor Padraig Mc Shane went on to say;

“People in the town are seething with anger and have demanded the removal of the offensive item. Locals have told me its very bad for community relations.

“They thought it was a dole office some years back and have not seen an Orange Man about the place for years.

“I would join with the community and call for the removal of the Hall at once………………Keep the flag.”


2 thoughts on “Mc Shane Calls for Removal of Orange Hall :)

  1. KEVIN says:

    You are something else.. more important , did you get the Marie Curie tickets to sell?

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