Tidal Power Offers Local Opportunities

Ireland’s First Tidal Power Station at Torr Head.

A Councillor in Moyle has called on the local business community in Ballycastle and the Glens to prepare to maximize any potential spinoffs from the development of 100mw tidal energy farm off Torr Head.

Independent Councillor Padraig Mc Shane was speaking as he prepares to meet with Tidal Ventures Ltd to discuss several areas of interest including impact and potential.
Councillor Mc Shane stated;
“I have been in contact with Tidal Ventures and I want to follow any potential for the development of the local economy. It is important to engage with this company now to realise any potential going forward to 2020.
Job creation must be explored as the company has committed to employ locally. The location of any premises required gives an additional potential income source.
“The environmental impact of the turbines has been raised on a number of occasions. Previous testing concluded that the turbines planned for the sea bed off Torr Head had proved harmless to Marine life”.
Tidal Ventures, a collaboration between Bord Gáis and tidal energy partner, Open Hydro plan to have a tidal energy farm in place off the North Coast that will have the potential to power 75,000 homes.

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