Ghosts of an Irish Past echo round latest Banksters Evictions

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Irish Banksters are moving to evict those who cannot meet their debt repayments. In scenes that many believed, would only find a home in starvation ravaged 19th Century Ireland, citizens and in particular farmers are being thrown off the land. But is their a smell of the finest attributes of resistance in the air?


LAST month I made the journey to Newcastle West, CountyLimerick to Seamus Sherlock’s farm in the townland of Feohanagh. I wanted to meet the farmer and five kids who are standing up to the banksters and bailiffs in an attempt to highlight what is happening throughout rural Ireland today.


Banksters have served an execution order forcing the family to leave their home never to return. At the time of my visit, day 58, the banks had not made their move. The norm following execution orders is 10 days. It’s a modern day equivalent of the horrors of evictions perpetrated on the souls of this country’s past.


THE farmer has barricaded the entrance to his farm and has had a large group of supporters standing at the house with him day and night since he received the eviction notice. He has quite literally; dozens of people on speed dial who pledged to stand alongside his family to repel any moves by the banks bailiffs to put him out of his house.


The only justice I could attempt to do to the story is to have Seamus tell the story in his own words so I interviewed the Limerick farmer. The interview took place with a few friends at the bottom of the lane leading to the farm. While the story is a painful one that is becoming more and more commonplace on the island, you will hear of the resilience of the man and his family. Added also is a strong sense of injustice and alongside his friends, a willingness to ensure justice is done. Expect some humour near the end, but it’s a reflection of the good nature of this group of individuals rather than a blasé approach to the topic. A major thank you to Joe Gilmartin of Tipperary for his help.

We start with the intervention of Europe on a rural Irish farmer.



5 thoughts on “Ghosts of an Irish Past echo round latest Banksters Evictions

  1. Mungo Grimes says:

    God bless seamus ….. Jim McKay and all wo stand in forlorn hopes thin green line.. down with the banker mafia and the state condottori … oiche mhaith seamus …..

  2. citizen81 says:

    Reblogged this on solohead and commented:
    A century after the land war , have we know come full circle ? the last great mass moment of Irish resistances armed only with right on the side the plain people of Ireland stopped the evitions and put the british admisestarion on notice that Ireland had fight in her yet.

  3. Grainne says:

    That more Public Representatives have not been vocal in support of the Sherlock’s and other’s fighting to stay in their homes/business in this country is to their eternal disgrace.I don’t know how they sleep at night ,and it shows them up for the shallow frauds they are.No substance, just looking after their own necks when it suits.
    Thank-you Padraig for not being one of them.

  4. Niel says:

    Very warmhearted thanks to Padraig Mc Shane for showing his support.. We will not forget that you chose to be on the right side of history…

  5. […] Ghosts of an Irish Past echo round latest Banksters Evictions […]

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