Rathmoyle Day Care Faces The Axe

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Crocodile tears will not save Rathmoyle. Elected members coming on to local media outlets and ‘calling down the curse of the gods’ on those who would dare attempt to close a Residential Home for the elderly and a Day Care Centre in Ballycastle are nothing more than an attempt at spin.

Staff were not informed and patients have been left in the dark about the future of the Day Care provision servicing many families in Moyle. Those who worked a lifetime in Rathmoyle are now in Limbo not knowing if they will have jobs in the future.

The Torys continue to cut budgets to the North. Those who administer those cuts belong to the big two parties in the Executive. Those same two parties membership then run to the media and cry about downgrading of hospitals, Welfare Reform, closure of ResidentialHomesetc and attempt to reassure the general public that they give a fiddlers. All the while it is they themselves who are closing these facilities.

Take a look at education! Run by Sinn Fein! Attacked by the DUP and Mervyn Storey! Then look at health. Run by the DUP and attacked by Sinn Fein. It suits the big two. Makes them look tough on the cuts and each other. But what you won’t hear is that the programme for Government found common ground for all the parties to agree to these stringent cuts.

A democratic deficit has developed in the North that must be challenged. Stormont is failing. When young people emigrate, when health services are downgraded or removed, when the most venerable are attacked by the stripping of welfare, that’s an indication of failure. It is essential that rights and protections are brought in for the people;

  1. Health Rights (how to protect the NHS, for example, as an essential service)
  1. Housing Rights (social and private rental to include housing shortfall)
  1. Industrial Relations (to support both workers and the unemployed)
  1. Reform/Reduction of Quango’s and NDPB’s (to challenge wastage and patronage and to access huge amounts of money that could be re-invested in essential services, such as above)
  1. Bill of Rights (to promote economic democracy and Human Rights)
  1. Civic or Community Forum (to be a democratic vehicle)
  1. Welfare Rights
  1. Educational Rights

Right to live and work at home/in own country must also be a priority given the loss of young people to overseas markets.

If Stormont is failing, and the evidence seems compelling that it is, once proud Socialist Left members of the Legislative Assembly must begin to ask, what the hell are we doing here?


One thought on “Rathmoyle Day Care Faces The Axe

  1. anita cavlan says:

    I have been wondering that for quite some time, what the hell are they doing there!!

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