Funding for Leisure Services Strategy

Funding for a Leisure Services Strategy has been approved to enhance indoor facilities at Moyle District Council and will include options on how to move forward positively on the provision of a state of the art tourism-leisure centre in Ballycastle.
Independent Councillor Padraig Mc Shane who continues to lobby for a tourism leisure facility for the District said;
“The move has been a long time coming  to fruition but has to be welcomed if we are to attempt to develop the local economy and service provision going forward into a new Super Council. Moyle remains the only Council that fails to provide proper Leisure facilities including an indoor swimming pool for its population.
“Many hurdles have been overcome and a case of ‘need’ has been proven. Given site location has been established, it is now time for the Council to move to complete the design and planning stages”.
Councillor Padraig Mc Shane finished by saying;
“If we do not begin to show more ambition going forward, under the new Super Council structure we will continue to fall further behind and ultimately be forgot about.



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