The ‘Red Baron’ Councillor and illegal Claims for Diesel

Let me make this clear, I would never complain about someone using fuel that could be deemed illegal in their vehicle. The only crimes I can identify relating to fuel is the price, the cartels that control the price and of course, the criminals who engage their poor and downtrodden in illegal wars to gain control of the commodity in the first place.

That said; when we hold public office and claim from the public purse (ratepayer) for “out of pocket” expenses for mileage, we do so in the knowledge that we are being remunerated for the costs associated with legal fuel (rather than the cheaper red) in our vehicles. To run a vehicle on illegal (red) diesel fuel and to ask the ratepayer to reimburse over the odds is almost akin to theft.

A Landrover Defender was stopped on the Carnbore Road, Bushmills and by police and then seized by Customs during a Road Fuel operation on the 24th of April. The vehicle belongs to Councillor Willie Graham. The Councillor has been consistently one of the highest claimers of expenses in Moyle.

I am calling for Councillor Graham to “return integrity to Moyle and resign immediately”.

“Councillor Graham has claimed a staggering twelve thousand pounds of rate payers’ money on mileage over the last three financial years. The rate payer will want to know how long vehicles belonging to Councillor Graham have been using illegal fuel. Is Councillor Graham going to return these funds to the public purse and do the honourable thing and resign?

“We have seen public confidence in elected representatives evaporate after the MPs expenses scandal. Dail Erinann with its culture of brown envelopes has had a similar impact on the faith of the public in the South. The Ulster Unionist Party must now do the right thing and replace Councillor Graham. The ratepayers trust is at stake”.

Its now over to the ‘Red Baron’ and the UUP.


5 thoughts on “The ‘Red Baron’ Councillor and illegal Claims for Diesel

  1. janet says:

    Don’t hold your breath!!

  2. Jeffery Morgenthaler says:

    while i don’t know the Councilor personally i have always assumed he was a man of integrity ,to say i am shocked at the allegations would be an understatement, that kind of carry on seems more at home in area of the south of Armagh than in Co Antrim ,The amount of travel expenses also seems excessive i mean £12.000 is a lot of travel .i hope the allegations prove untrue but if not in fear the councilors only option will be to resign and pay the rate payers of Moyle the monies the are owed.again shocking stuff from a member of the Ulster Unionist Party.

    • Paul says:

      Yeah, only the scum of South Armagh would have the cheek to use red diesel, unlike the fine upstanding citizens of loyal old Antrim. Get a grip, big man

  3. regan says:

    wille has alot more hidden secrets in his closet than just red diesel

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