Ballycastle Sea Front Activity Pool

This video was brought together by Ciaran Laverty, Laverty Architecture.

Ciaran has stated that he brought the video together over a few spare hours. I spoke with him and asked if he would like to present it to Council in the near future. While it is only an idea at present he has indicated his desire to help in the promotion of the area and would be willing to look at it in more detail.
Costings, staffing, insurance and the dreaded ‘health and safety’ would all be key factors to consider.
It would possibly take a few years to pull something like this all together, indentify funding, etc but what views currently exist out there?
The Tourism/Leisure facility is still the key driver both in economic and health and wellbeing terms in the re-generation of Ballycastle and I hope to be able to convince my colleagues of the need for the scheme as we go forward into a Causeway Coast and Glens super Council.
Design & Planning are the first stages of that particular project and while nearly all the Ballycastle Councillors support the idea, it seems to become less favourable with the other Councillors in Moyle. The five Causeway Councillors have recently all voiced their opposition on the issue, claiming its a waste of money, but given much of the ward is situated closer to Coleraine than Ballycastle, it is easy to see a selfish rational being adopted.
I would like to hear your thoughts on both ideas if you wish to share!


6 thoughts on “Ballycastle Sea Front Activity Pool

  1. Colum McLornan says:

    Excellent idea

  2. Kevin McAuley says:

    Great idea Paudie,its not a problem in Portstewart and works a treat get it rolling before we are taken over and become the poor relation section of the new super council

  3. Anne laverty says:

    Brillant idea. Portrush activity pool is very popular with the kids and their parents.

  4. I think this would be an excellent idea specially it would be good in the summer months should be well staffed and would give people plenty to do at Ballycastle in the future! I have been there in Ballycastle many times over the years but found that even something like this project would be great news for everyone indeed!

  5. joanne burrows says:

    Excellent for summer – what do we have for children in wet, wind and rain though?

  6. Cecil Peterson says:

    was in the town for the Lammas fair this year had a great time .The pool would provide a safe area for kids and adults to swim ,as well as being a focal point for the seafront .i read somewhere a Hotel was being proposed for the area in my opinion this would really put your beautiful town and area on the tourist map. had the wife and kids with me and while we stayed in a nice B/B outside the town a hotel would have given us more room and the benefit of being in the centre of the action so to speak.Enjoy the blog keepup the good work.

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