Schools Sucessfully Lobby for Puffin Crossing


New Puffin Crossing on Moyle Road

Fantastic to witness the introduction of a Puffin Crossing on Moyle Road  situated between the High School and Cross & Passion College in Ballycastle. For over 25 years the schools have collabrated mostly in academia. Branching out has reaped dividends with the latest moves bringing gains in a new field.

“Cross & Passion and Ballycastle High Schools have collaborated to successfully lobby Road Service for the inclusion of a Puffin Crossing at this problematic section of road. The schools and in particular, the school Council deserve enormous credit for the ability they showed in identifying and highlighting the lack of safety at the busy crossing between the two schools. The measure will ensure the ability to cross safely for pupils and pedestrians while maximising the free flowing of vehicular traffic on the busy stretch of road.
“This is a further enhancement of the collaboration between the two schools that has witnessed the pupils, staff and management work together on a daily basis. The ethos of working together has seen both sets of pupils successfully gain the opportunity to avail of a wider academic curriculum”.
Cross and Passion and Ballycastle High School are part of  the Shared Education Programme.
St Patrick’s & St Brigid’s Primary School and Nursery Unit also played their part in lobbying and the 3 schools can be proud of their latest achievements.

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