Gaza Journalist Visits Moyle

Waterfalls with Paddy Mooney

Laragh Lodge Visit

A leading journalist from Gaza has arrived in Moyle this week on a fact finding mission following the Council’s recent Twinning Agreement with the coastal Mediterranean Municipality .

Award winning freelance journalist Yousef Al-Helou, best known for his work with Press TV, was introduced to several local Councillors and had a brief introduction to local politics on his recent visit.
Mr Al-Helou said,
“The Palestinians of Gaza City were delighted to hear the news about the Twinning Agreement with Moyle. Many times in the past we have felt the International Community in the West ignored our plight. By this simple act alone, the people of Moyle have truly lifted the spirits and the resolve of the people in Gaza who continue to suffer the humiliating effects of the siege. This agreement will enable both people’s in the two Districts to exchange knowledge, culture and best practise leading to a better future for us all.
The visit was organised by the local, Antrim to Gaza group who toured Mr. Al-Helou around the District including the Causeway, Rope-Bridge and several days in the Glens.
Mr Al-Helou concluded;

“I will return to Gaza with stories of Giants and Fairies plus beautiful Waterfalls. I will also return with the Knowledge that Moyle is home to some of the kindest people on earth. I hope that I may return to Moyle in the near future to brief the local people of what life is like in Gaza ”.

Yousef Al-Halou outside Moyle DC.


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