Cars Burned Out-Deffrick

Two cars have been completely gutted in an arson attack in Deffrick just outside the village of Mosside in Moyle, County Antrim . The attack took place just before midnight on Monday evening. Unconfirmed reports suggest an attempt was also made to set fire to the house in the tiny hamlet of Castle Park on the Moyarget Road .
Following a visit to the scene, local Moyle Independent Councillor Padraig Mc Shane moved immediately to condemn the arson attack.
“I received a call from a local resident early on Tuesday morning and was asked to attend the scene. The attack has struck fear into the local community here in Deffrick, a quiet neighbourhood.
“It is simply too early to speculate on a motive for the attack but the community here are sufficiently worried that it may not be the last.
Describing the attack as ‘Direct and Brutal’ the Councillor went on to say;
“There is no place in this society for cowards who engage in these actions. We all recall with horror how similar attacks have ended with devastating consequences in the past”.
Two fire engines from Ballymoney were tasked to the incident following an emergency call just after midnight on Tuesday morning.

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